10 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs (and How To Cop Them Yourself)

habits of successful entrepreneurs

10 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs (and How To Cop Them Yourself)


Some of the most famous trailblazers are entrepreneurs. These are people with a vision, and who see that vision through. Sometimes they fail, but the ones who find success are those who stick to effective habits. So what makes a successful entrepreneur, and how can you nurture those qualities in yourself?

Integrate some of these habits of successful entrepreneurs to find out…

Reinvent yourself as often as necessary.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs (Steve Jobs, for one) have experienced failures. So they reinvent. They have the ability to look at their situation from an entirely different angle, and switch gears.

Take calculated risks.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t take crazy or foolish risks, but they do take risks after appropriate research. By taking a “risk,” they believe they can either beat the odds, or market something novel that might seem out of the ordinary.

Possess confidence, but realize you don’t know everything.

Entrepreneurs need to believe in their ideas to get others on board, but also know their weak spots. This helps them trouble-shoot when needed, and anticipate problems before they arise.

Know how to partner with others who have expertise or a skill-set you need.

Great entrepreneurs know how to leverage the knowledge of others around them, network, and create great teams to get the job done as well as possible.

Search for opportunities, and see opportunities.

Where there’s an opportunity to improve or create, entrepreneurs see it. This ability to see potential (and act on it) is what makes them successful.

Make things happen.

With passion, they don’t just sit around waiting for things to happen to them. To see examples of this kind of passion and initiative, look no further than the changemakers we feature here on Like a Boss Girls. These young women see a need, decide how to fill it, and make it happen through their own passion and drive.

Be optimistic.

It would be nearly impossible to take a risk on a project if you pessimistically believed it would fail, right? Again, entrepreneurs aren’t foolish about their risks, but they do have to maintain a level of optimism that their ideas will succeed. Otherwise, how would they persevere?

Have patience and tolerance for uncertainty.

This is a tough one. But new ideas don’t always catch on immediately; entrepreneurs have the tenacity and patience to keep working through initial hiccups, and tolerating the uncertainty inherent in any “new idea.”

Be flexible.

An ability to “roll with the punches” is crucial for any aspiring entrepreneur. This isn’t the work of a predictable 9 to 5 work week, so they must have the ability show ingenuity and flexibility as their project progresses…often not according to plan!

Enjoy what you do.

It’s easy to lose momentum for a project that isn’t really in your heart. Successful entrepreneurs pick projects they’ll enjoy putting together and seeing through tough times.   

So how do you nurture these qualities of entrepreneurship in yourself? Here are a few ideas:

  • Team up! If it feels a little intimidating to spearhead a project on your own, think about teaming up with others, or contribute to a local effort already in action. It can be inspiring to even watch someone take charge or their passion and see a project through. And while we’re on the subject…
  • Embrace teamwork.  The next time you’re faced with a dreaded “group project” at school, be sure to pay attention to where your skills are best suited, and where you might need help.
  • Take some risks, even if you have to start small. Maybe it’s joining an organization you might never have considered before, or reaching out to a teacher that’s previously intimidated you. Risks can be small or large; just weigh the pros and cons, and see what your own risks might yield.
  • Develop your own inner optimism. Check out our article on Optimism 101!
  • When you hear or read the word entrepreneurship, maybe you think of a guy like Steve Jobs, or maybe you think of a suit-clad coporate tycoon. But entrepreneurship is broader than that. Take a look at this TED talk about women entrepreneurs around the world.

Want an extra boost of inspiration?  Check out these 15 quotes that show women how to rise to the top.

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