15 “Seize the Day” Challenges that Will Make You a Better Person

seize the day

15 “Seize the Day” Challenges that Will Make You a Better Person

Want to have an amazing life but not sure how to go about it? The first step is to discard the status quo, put a halt to life as usual, and get ready to seize the day! Don’t allow the negativity of others to bring you down. Take the everyday stresses of life and turn them into fun opportunities.

Behavior experts say you have to do something for 15 consecutive days to effectively replace bad habits with good habits. With no time to waste, we’ve put together a list of challenges to help you become the best version of yourself:

Day 1 – See Your Smile

with a smile on your face it will be much easier to seize the day & make it great

Inspiration:  “Start every day off with a smile.  At least it’s a good start.” – Author Unknown

Pep Talk:  The little effort it takes to smile will give you something that money cannot buy–confidence! Give yourself a boost of joy and encouragement by turning your frown upside down.

Challenge:  Go to the mirror and smile at yourself the moment you get out of bed.

Day 2 – Lighten the Load

Inspiration:  “The day she let go of the things that were weighing her down was the day she began to shine the brightest.” – Katrina Mayer  

Pep Talk:  The contents in a handbag can tell a lot about a person. Entertain the possibility that the excess weight and clutter in your handbag could be a metaphor for the emotional baggage in your life that you tolerate on a daily basis.

Challenge: Remove at least 5 items from your handbag that you really don’t need to drag around every day–the heavier the items, the better.

Day 3 – Victory Vlog

Inspiration:  “Take a day to heal from the lies you’ve told yourself and the ones that have been told to you.” — Maya Angelou  

Pep Talk: Cancel out the negativity by speaking the truth about yourself. We’re often quick to accept the bad and ignore the good. Flip things around for yourself and recognize your self-worth.

Challenge: Make a video to tell the world the new and improved perspective you have of yourself.

Day 4 – Notice and Take Note

Inspiration:  “If you obey all the rules, you will miss all the fun.” – Katharine Hepburn  

Pep Talk: Do something (legally) out of the norm in your life. Step out of the status quo and switch things up a bit.  

Challenge: Take a different route to work, school, or somewhere you go all the time, and then make a list of 5 things that encouraged you about the new scenery.

Day 5 – Morning Mantra

seize the day by starting with yoga & morning montras

Inspiration:  “Every day tell yourself, ‘I am an adventurer.  I am passionate.  I am determined.’” – Roz Savage  

Pep Talk: Mantras are repetitive, spoken words of encouragement that enrich your life. If you’re inspired by an amazing quote, then keep and read it anytime you need encouragement. Reading the quote every day is a proactive way to absorb its meaning and to allow it to empower you on a regular basis.

Challenge: Find an encouraging quote and read it aloud every morning for the next 7 days.

Day 6 – Twitterverse

seize the day & try something that scares you as that's how you grow

Inspiration:  “Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Pep Talk:  Becoming your best self can be frightening. But you have to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow. Do something bold and unexpected!

Challenge: Tweet a woman entrepreneur and tell her how inspiring she is.    

Day 7 – Capture Goals

Inspiration:  “These days, I’ve been trying to classify my thoughts into two categories: ‘Things I can change,’ and ‘Things I can’t.’  It seems to help me sort through what to really stress about.” – Taylor Swift 

Pep Talk:  There’s no reason to stress about something you can’t change. Quickly change stressors (that you can change) into goals so that you can soon find a solution.

Challenge: Take a photo of something you want to change.

Day 8 – Big Laugh, Big Life

Inspiration:  “Always find a reason to laugh.  It may not add years to your life, but will surely add life to your years.” – Author Unknown  

Pep Talk: Having a good laugh sends a charge of energy throughout your body and mind. Laugh every day and you’ll be on your way to living life to the fullest!

Challenge: Watch a comedian perform standup or film that makes you laugh so hard that your stomach hurts.

Day 9 – No Filter

Inspiration:  “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton  

Pep Talk:  It only takes a second to write and send a text message. This doesn’t give much time to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Especially when you’re in a rush, your text messages are impulsive and truly unfiltered. Reading through your text messages can tell you a lot about how you feel in those moments.  

Challenge: In the next text message you send, make sure the words and mood truly reflect the kind of day you want to have.

Day 10 – Weekend Zen

Inspiration:  Weekends are special even if your schedule is all over the place.  Something tells you the weekend has arrived and you can indulge yourself a bit.” – Helen Mirren

Pep Talk: Turn the weekend on–the moment Friday night arrives. Shift gears from work mode and have fun and relax. More times than not, photo streams are filled with going out and having fun. Why not show the world that you know how to relax and shut down as much as you know how to turn up?

Challenge: Take a photograph of yourself doing something relaxing this weekend.

Day 11 – Daydream Doodle

Inspiration: “Don’t quit your daydream. Don’t forget to breathe. Who you want to be is only up to you.” – Tori Kelly

Pep Talk: Give yourself the time and space to daydream.  If you listen to yourself, then you will find yourself. Where do your thoughts lead when they aren’t cluttered with the busyness of life, or even worry or fear?

Challenge: Make a doodle or drawing of your daydream.

Day 12 – Typed Not Typo

Inspiration:  “Simple changes can have profound results.” – Author Unknown

Pep Talk: The little things that happen in a single day can make a big impact on your life. Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into years. Make sure you fill your days with positivity and joy.   

Challenge:  Find a profound, meaningful quote and create a “quote” image in simple typewriter font. Add it to an “inspiration board” on Pinterest or Instagram and allow it to uplift you every day.

Day 13 – Stay Strong

Inspiration:  “I am going to be strong today. I tried it yesterday and I think I am hooked.” – Neila Rey

Pep Talk: Knowing and doing are two completely different actions. If the intersect is too great, it can affect every area of your life. Get out of limbo and think long and hard about yourself. Make it your goal to be strong now and in the future. Think about your future and imagine your life more complete and fulfilled.

Challenge: Write a letter to your future self which lists your personal and professional goals, along with a few ideas on how to get there.

Day 14 – Chill Out

Inspiration: “Today, take a break from your ego and don’t take yourself too seriously.” – Sonia Choquette

Pep Talk: It’s not healthy to always be stressed. Things you worry about can usually wait. Give yourself some emotional space by letting go today and taking a break.  

Challenge: Lay down in silence for 5 minutes. Tune out anything stressing you out and meditate on the good things in your life

Day 15 – Keep Learning

Inspiration:  “I think we’re all blessed with gifts and I was lucky I just found out what mine was early on and have planted that seed and tried to water it every day.” – Katy Perry  

Pep Talk: When it comes to honing your skills for the future, don’t be locked into preparation mode. Exercise your gifts by putting them to the test. Once you take the first step, you’ll find that you are more ready than you realize.  

Challenge: Volunteer for a work assignment that you’re a little not ready to do.

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