2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Books + Stationary


Welcome to Like A Boss Girls’ 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Books & Stationary Category! Below, you’ll find the best gifts you can buy this holiday season to support small businesses founded by women.

Join us in putting your holiday shopping dollars toward a good cause. Many companies are offering our community an exclusive discount code, so don’t miss this great opportunity to shop, save, AND make a positive impact.

Category: Books

Always Anjali by Sheetal Sheth

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Author:  Sheetal Sheth

Book Description: Always Anjali is a book that encourages young readers to recognize that being unique is their superpower! In the story, Anjali and her friends are excited to get matching personalized license plates for their bikes — but Anjali can’t find her name. To make matters worse, she gets bullied for her “different” name, and is so upset that she demands to change it. When her parents refuse and she is forced to take matters into her own hands, she winds up learning to celebrate who she is and carry her name with pride and power. Always Anjali is a timeless story about appreciating what makes us special and honoring our differences.

What inspired you to start your company?


How is your company generating positive change?

When kids see themselves at the center of stories, as heroes of their own lives, it can change their life.

Featured Product: Always Anjali, $19.95

Special Offer: Use promo code BOSSGIRLS for 10% off your entire order

Website: https://www.sheetalsheth.com/

Category: Books & Stationery

Girl CEO

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“Girl CEO” by Ronnie Cohen & Katherine Ellison

Written by Katherine Ellison and Ronnie Cohen, Illustrated by Georgia Rucker, Foreword by Tory Burch, Published by Downtown Bookworks.

Description: Girl CEO is a new book that makes the perfect gift for girls, young entrepreneurs, and trailblazing tweens and teens. Girl CEO profiles the journeys of 40 extraordinary women entrepreneurs — from Oprah to Sheryl Sandberg, and Tavi Gevinson to Diane von Furstenberg.

Each woman’s mini-biography is full of valuable insight and inspiration for aspiring leaders, providing a window into the challenges conquered by girls and women who are successful today. Their stories include many lessons on life and leadership, including information on how to: identify a lucrative niche, build and maintain a brand, grow a loyal customer base, raise money for research and development, turn an interest (or a passion) into a career, and build a strong network.

Girl CEO is where successful women leaders from media, technology, fashion, food, and more share their secrets with tomorrow’s leaders. 

Featured Product: Girl CEO, Reg. $12.99, now $9.09

Special Offer: Get Girl CEO for 30% off (only $9.09) on Amazon — no promo code required!

Category: Books & Stationary

Handmade Happy Mail

Handmade Happy Mail
Handmade Happy Mail

Founder: Deena Hopkins

Company Description: Handmade Happy Mail is a subscription box catered to those who want to send their loved ones a hug made of paper. With a subscription to  Handmade Happy, you get handmade greeting cards sent right to your door every month for a variety of occasions! Nothing says “I Miss You” or “Happy Birthday” with sophistication, grace, and sentimental charm quite like cards crafted by hands, not by machines.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I grew up believing I was never good enough. Anything I did could have been done better. I wish I had someone to give me those small notes and pushes of encouragement. When I started making cards, I wanted to be that push for others. So now I help my customers send those notes of happiness, encouragement, and love to their family and friends all year long.”

How is your company generating positive change?

“Our society  teaches that we always need more, bigger, better. From television shows and commercials, to holidays like Black Friday – it all sends the message that what we have is never enough. My company helps you send small notes of love and encouragement that say what you do, what you achieve, just WHO YOU ARE is enough.”

Featured Product: Subscription/Voucher, $24.99

Product Description: A monthly subscription includes free shipping, stamps, and a set of five exquisitely designed cards:

  • One holiday card
  • Two sentiment cards (i.e. Thank You or Congratulations)
  • Two birthday cards

Special Offer: Use Code BOSSGIRLS to get 20% off a 3 month subscription

Website: https://handmadehappymail.com/

Category: Books

Lifestyle Lawyer: The Female Attorney’s Guide to Designing a Law Career You Love

Lifestyle Lawyer cover
Lifestyle Lawyer

Author: Lee Holcomb

Book Description: A timely and important book that challenges the way we think about the practice of law. The book lays out the recent disruption of the traditional legal industry while challenging attorneys to think about what it truly means to be a happy and successful lawyer. Technology could be the door opener that allows attorneys to change the legal landscape and create new, more fulfilling ways to practice law in the 21st century.

What inspired you to write your book?

“Just like many female attorneys, my traditional legal career was turned upside down when I was faced with juggling children and my husband’s career. When technology presented new options for attorneys seeking a more flexible work-life balance, I discovered a new legal career that matched my personal and career goals and allowed me to stay-in the practice of law. This experience combined with the recent disruption of the traditional legal industry inspired me to write this book to help educate female attorney’s on how they can change their mindset about their careers and what it means to be successful.”

Featured Product: Lifestyle Lawyer – The Female Attorney’s Guide to Designing a Law Career You Love, $19.99 +$5.00 shipping

Product Description: 6″ x 9″ paperback book

Special Offer: Use Code BOSSGIRLS for 10% off!

Website: https://www.lifestyleforlawyers.com

Category: Books/Stationary


The PleaseNotes Guided Journal
The PleaseNotes Guided Journal

Founder: Cheryl Sutherland

Company Description: These guided affirmation journals, notebooks, stationary, and decorative items are made to help people tap into their passions, drive, and purpose.

What inspired you to start your company?

“I had reached a point in my life where I knew I had to do something different. I had more to give, and if I continued doing what I was doing, I would just be terribly unhappy. I quit my job and created space for an idea to pop in. I spent time journaling, working with affirmations, and reading. After a couple weeks, I realized the thing that really lit me up was the process of self-exploration and personal development. I wanted a way to consistently remind myself of the person I re-discovered thorough this process, and that’s how PleaseNotes was born.”

Featured Product: The PleaseNotes Guided Journal, $34.95

Special Offer: 15% with the code “Boss Girl” (or just click here

Website: www.PleaseNotes.com

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