21 Professional Etiquette Rules for Your Next Networking Soirée

professional etiquette

21 Professional Etiquette Rules for Your Next Networking Soirée

‘Tis [almost] the season for holiday parties.

And if you’ve got a killer internship, job, or network of awesome friend, then odds are you’re attending one of these parties.

Of course, some of your fellow guests might be folks you want to collaborate with or work for…

Our first tip if you’re nervous: breathe! Second tip: be your authentic fabulous self.

Now for some tips on professional etiquette…

The gals at Levo have assembled this list of 21 Professional Etiquette Rules we should all know and make use of. Some of our favorite lesser talked about etiquette rules are below!

  • If you forget someone’s name, admit it. It’s no big deal! Just say, “I’m so sorry, but I’ve forgotten your name. Can you remind me what it is?”
  • Only say “thank you” once or twice during a conversation. If you over use the term, you’ll dilute its impact and make yourself seem needy or helpless.
  • Keep your fingers together when you point. Never point with just an index finger—it’s too aggressive. Instead point with an open palm and keep your fingers together.
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