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A Sneak Peek at Ossa Production Camp

Strategy, sponsorship, teamwork, and time management. These were the pillars that guided Ossa Production Camp from inception to completion.

Podcasting can be a lonely business. Most independent creators put on a one-person show, filling the roles of host, producer, editor, marketer, manager, and more in addition to being experts in their podcast’s subject matter. Additionally, they usually record in home studios where they can control their environment at a low cost.

Ossa decided to solve this problem by bringing together 19 select podcast creators for a free two day immersive studio experience in Los Angeles, CA. Attendees were split into four power groups and challenged with creating a branded podcast mini-series from start to finish in two days. The results were nothing short of remarkable.

🎙Creating Podcasts That Resonate

After a two week remote prep period, the production camp podcasters met at Title 9 Studios in Los Angeles on March 21, 2022 to begin production on their branded podcast briefs. They were provided studio space, meeting rooms, and of course, plenty of food and swag:

Each group was tasked with creating a podcast pitch for four different brand verticals. Group 1 created a podcast concept for an athletic wear company; group two did the same for a personal hygiene brand. Group 3 created a concept for a financial institution, and group 4 was tasked with creating a podcast about the camp itself.

Participants got the full in-studio experience, dealing with time crunches, last minute changes, and team building.

🌟Pitching The Projects

At the end of the two days, after mad dashes around the studio, live guest interviews, and hours of editing, the podcast creators pitched their final product to the Ossa team, the other participants in camp, and some special guest mentors.

Snapshots of each presentation

The final pitches illustrated the unique creativity and hard work that each team put into their project. Using engaging audience participation techniques, inspiring stories, challenging questions, and more, these podcast pros created impactful trailers.

Find all four of them here on this Youtube playlist:

Trailers for each podcast pitch created at camp

🎉Celebrations Are In Order!

Post-pitches, it was time to let loose and celebrate the podcaster’s accomplishments! We wanted to hear from some members of the group about their experience at camp (in front of the backdrop of their lovely new headshots, of course):

Testimonials about the camp experience from Brenda Hernández Jaimes, Kristi Nellor, and Adjo Evonlah

Group photos were a MUST⬇️ 

And later in the night, Ossa hosted a cocktail party with industry friends to add a fun networking element to the camp:

The start of the cocktail party at Title 9 Studios

đź‘€Behind The Scenes

Here are some of our favorite moments from the two days, including a birthday celebration, lots of laughs, and the Ossa team working away to support the podcasters.

In-studio with the podcast creators

Emily Coffman taking a photo with her new headshot

Relaxation exercises in prep for final pitches led by Saranne Rothberg

We had a BLAST facilitating this camp with these incredibly talented creators, and we’re so proud of the work they produced.

If you’re interested in supporting efforts like these, support Ossa’s crowdfunding campaign and learn more about our mission here.

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