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Mind of a Mentor, Episode #39: Annett Bone, Host of The DancePreneuring Studio Podcast

Annett Bone is a dancer, podcaster, and online marketing expert who is passionate about helping other people follow their purpose. She reminds people that it’s never too late to follow their dreams, and is particularly inspired by artists of all capacities — especially those involved in the world of dance.

Annett Bone began her career by following her passion for dance at University of California – Irvine. The school was ranked third in the nation for dance when she was accepted into their program. However, she eventually took some time away from dance after school to explore different career paths.

When Annett Bone decided to return to dance after 20+ years away, it made her realize firsthand that it is never too late to pursue your passions or change the course of your life. In her Mind Of A Mentor conversation with Like A Boss Girls Founder and CEO Marla Isackson, she shares many lessons from her personal journey, as well as countless self-development and productivity hacks that have helped her take her life to the next level.

Her podcast, The DancePreneuring Studio, features dancers, choreographers, and other prominent figures from the dance world as they explore how dance inspires life and business. She hopes these conversations help artists of all capacities find their passion and purpose, while giving them some practical advice on how to create a freelancing lifestyle out of art and dance.

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