How to Make the Fall Season Your Most Productive Time of the Year

Autumn Vibes

How to Make the Fall Season Your Most Productive Time of the Year

Fall is a great time to reset your goals, habits, and boss girl vibes.  As an east coast lady, I absolutely love the brisk weather, changing leaves, and autumn breeze.

Is it odd that this type of weather automatically reminds me of Staples school supplies shopping? Call me a nerd, but back to school shopping was my jam! Take me to the mall to find a new dress, and I could fall asleep in the middle of a store. But take me to buy school supplies, and I will linger in that Post-It aisle for twenty minutes contemplating whether bright or calm paper colors will optimize late night study sessions.

So, that’s what fall has always been to me.  The time to prepare for the most productive year ever—a sentiment that has certainly stayed with me post-college.


Start with a little reflection.

I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions.  Every January, I try to set realistic goals, but my implementation is… well.. lacking.  I prefer to do this type of reflection and goal setting in the September/October months.  I like to briefly overview the year thus far, appreciate the accomplishments I’ve had, and pin-point bad habits (procrastination, etc.) where there is room for growth.


Next, kick it into full gear.

After lists upon lists, I make a plan of action for the rest of the year.  Because my mental clock has been conditioned by a school calendar, I consider “the rest of the year” to mean this point up until next summer.  What big picture things do I want to have accomplished by then?  What concrete moves do I have to make to achieve those aspirations?  And finally, what smaller goals can I hit in the upcoming months (usually before the holiday season)?


Time for the practical application.

Lists are great only if they move you toward productivity.  I like to take the fall months to set myself up for success.  That means everything from decluttering my desk area to scheduling important meetings to researching crucial deadlines that seem to sneak up faster than anticipated.  The best part about fall, in my opinion, is sitting inside with a cup of tea while busting out a full day’s work.  I know it can be sad to lose the nice summer weather, but you can capitalize on those gloomy autumn days by taking full advantage of being cooped up inside.  Fate has handed it to you: automatic uninterrupted workdays!  And what’s other autumn stereotype?  Pumpkin spiced lattes.  Once again fall has given you a gift: an excuse to hold productive coffee shop meetings.  It’s like autumn wants you to succeed!

So as the season shifts to full-out scarf and sweater attire, cozy up with your planner, to-do lists and notebook.  While the days get shorter, let your productivity increase.  And if you’re anything like me, go school supplies shopping.  Whoever said new post-its and pens were just for students?

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