Be My Guest: Hosts of Love & Intimacy Podcasts Give Tips on Booking Talent

Be My Guest: Hosts of Love & Intimacy Podcasts Give Tips on Booking Talent

Love and intimacy can be touchy subjects in the business world, but the business of love and intimacy podcasts is booming. Since so many people love hearing candid and personal stories, perspectives, and advice about loveand sex, podcasters in this genre can leverage the eager listener base to get an upper hand on the charts. Many love and intimacy podcasters choose to bring in experts in the field as guests, and it’s a great way to kickstart engaging, informative, and fun conversations. Learn how three rising love and intimacy podcasters find the perfect guests to help them pack awesome content and maximum engagement into every episode.

Sasza Lohrey, BBXX: Let’s Get Intimate!

Sasza Lohrey

Photo credit: Shane Farns

Sasza Lohrey is the CEO of BBXX, a community of intimacy enthusiasts. She has a weekly podcast called Let’s Get Intimate!for the curiously minded. As the host, Sarah creates opportunities to learn and joke about sex and relationships while interviewing experts from a cultural perspective. She and her guests explore how society has conditioned us to think, talk and act around sexual topics. The goal of her podcast is to question the way things are and change the conversation around sex, intimacy, and relationships.

Q: How do you find your guests?

A:I have spent an impressive number of hours scouring the internet, reading, listening to podcasts, and watching TEDTalks. We generally bring on experts who have a deep enough knowledge or very unique insight around a topic. They usually have a published book or have been featured as a TED speaker, etc.

Q: Which one of your guests has really resonated with your listeners?

A:Honestly, I think every single one. So many people come to us with different questions, and therefore, would probably would choose different episodes [as favorites]. Ironically, the answer to most of the questions is fairly similar — it’s all about [gaining a] better understanding [of] yourself and your own identity.

On the topic of sex, I think Laurie Mintz‘s episode, “Let’s Get Cliterate”,is a favorite of our listeners. On the other hand, the episode “Love & Death”with Dr. Jordana JacobsDr. Jordana Jacobsexamines the way in which our ability to love is limited by our inability to recognize the fragility and impermanence of life, and that is currently our most listened-to episode.

Q: Who is your dream guest?

A:We have already been lucky enough to have had a lot of dream experts on the show. I think eventually it would be very cool to feature interviews and stories from the listeners themselves!

Q: Which love/intimacy-related podcasts do you listen to?

A: Ted Radio Hourisn’t directly about intimacy, but there’s a lot of incredible psychology featured there. That resonates with me because it’s often the case that many topics that aren’t directly about intimacy (or sex and relationships in general) are secretly some of the most eye-opening. The Goop Podcasthas some good episodes as well, but I honestly think there’s still a big gap in content out there. There are tons of podcasts about sex, but not as many about intimacy. [Intimacy] bridges the space between sex and psychology, which are so undeniably and imperatively intertwined!

Listen to BBXX: Let’s Get Intimate: iTunes| Spotify

Brooke Genn, Power Couples Podcast

Brooke and Wilhem Genn

Photo credit: Ashtyn Brooke

Brooke Genn co-hosts Power Couples Podcast. alongside her husband, Wilhelm Genn. The duo openly admits to having a blast interviewing relationship experts and power couples in order to pull back the curtain and show the hard work that goes into healthy relationships. The primary goal of Power Couples Podcastis to give listeners actionable advice to use in their intimate relationships, but Brooke and Wilhelm have the added bonus of gaining insight and tools to apply in their own marriage. Born out of their shared curiosity about the intricacies of building and maintaining a loving relationship, the podcast is destined to prove that with the right tools, we can all be part of a power couple.

Q: How do you find your guests?

A:Our guests are usually people we’ve met in real life, who we’ve gushed about the ups and downs of love with over a slice (or 10) of pizza!

As a pair mildly obsessed with each other and the psychology of love and of being human, we’ve been having incredible conversations with every couple we can [about these topics] for as long as we can remember. The show was born from our desire to open up and share those illuminating conversations with others.

Q: Which one of your guests has really resonated with your listeners?

A: Psychotherapist Jamie Molnar’s episode, “The 10 Core Characteristics of Modern Day Power Couples with Jamie Molnar”“The 10 Core Characteristics of Modern Day Power Couples with Jamie Molnar”, is a fan favorite! In this deep dive, we discuss the ten core characteristics of modern day power couples. The conversation is easy and the lessons to be learned are approachable and actionable.

Q: Who is your dream guest?

A: I’m itching to have Liz Gilberton the show! She’s crafted her own beautiful ways to be a power couple in each and every striking and intimate relationship she’s shared with the world. I think [she has] a fresh perspective on love and I might just faint at the opportunity to pick her magnificent brain!

Q: Which love-related podcasts do you listen to?

A: My all-time favorite [is a podcast called] HONEY!I’m crazy about this show from the hilarious and charming Julia Meltzer[and hearing] the highs and lows of each couple interviewed. Basically, [on each episode], a couple comes on the podcast and shares one specific fight they’ve had or are having. It’s relatable and somehow really deep, with a sweet dose of levity and laughter!

Listen to Power Couples Podcast: iTunes|

Laura Aiisha, Ignite Intimacy

Laura Aiisha

Photo credit: Hayley Ellen Day

Laura Aiisha’s podcast Ignite Intimacydives into the realms of intimacy, romantic relationships, and sexuality. Laura started her podcast as a way to fulfill her curiosity for the intersection of life, love, and connection. She explores taboo and cutting edge topics surrounding intimacy while on her own journey to discovering love. Her honest, soulful approach to podcasting makes Ignite Intimacystand out as a hidden gem in the love and intimacy podcasting space.

Q: How do you find your guests?

A: Online, through friends and colleagues, as I travel the world, at conferences, even in the grocery store!

Q: Which one of your guests has really resonated with your listeners?

A: Alison Armstrong of The Queen’s Codereally resonated with listeners.

Q: Who is your dream guest?

A:That would be renowned psychotherapistEsther Perel.

Q: Which love-related podcasts do you listen to?

A:I listen to Savage Lovecast!

Listen to Ignite Intimacy: iTunes| Stitcher

With no shortage of hot and steamy topics, love and intimacy podcasters It seems that the common thread between all of these love and intimacy podcasters is that they all find their best guests by being open, vulnerable, and intimate! Whether it’s with friends, new connections, or their dream podcast guest, they get the best conversations by practicing what they preach.

Article written by Shannon Donahue and Meredith Reed

Interview written & conducted by Ko Im

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