BED|STÜ builds awareness and drives sales with host read podcast ads.

About BedSTU

Inspired by the rugged and resilient streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, NY, BED|STÜ is a family-owned operation that opened for business near Downtown LA just over 25 years ago. They have now grown into a diverse, creative, and fiercely independent group of individuals with a shared pride in creating quality leather products that boast a love for heritage and tradition, authentic construction, and artisan finishes. Their handcrafted line of vegetable-tanned leather footwear and accessories is like each member of the BED|STÜ family: genuine, unique, and naturally imperfect.

The Media Mix:

Brand vertical: Luxury Retail Brand
Objective: Brand Association and Drive Sales
Target audience: Female adults; conscious consumers who are interested in sustainability, eco-friendly products
Targeting used: Age 32+, females, high-income household
Market: US
Flight length: 6 months
Format: Host-read ads, podcast placement

The Brief:

BED|STÜ was looking to connect with a socially-conscious audience and knew they needed to nail down both tone and access to the audience to churn out a successful campaign. Not only did the brand want to tap into already-connected audiences but also utilize the authentic voice of podcast hosts who believe in their philosophy to deliver genuine ads and recommendations for their listeners.

The Solution:

BED|STÜ decided to spread the word with a campaign themed around sustainability, vegan, eco-friendly topics from creators who have a deep connection with female audiences. By partnering with Ossa, they could specifically target this audience and tap into a genuine voice and tone that represented their brand in the way they desired. Podcast hosts had the opportunity to experience BED|STÜ products and create a positive association on their platform through their message.
The brand ran an initial test campaign to see if podcast advertising was a good fit for their brand. They ran the ad across four shows over a six-month period to see which shows were a fit for the brand.

The Creators

The Impact:

The hosts’ sincere, genuine tone and love for the product resonated with the brand’s target audience. After hearing the BED|STÜ ad, podcast listeners were more likely to associate the brand and campaign message with the hosts’ overall philosophies and message, resulting in a 600% ROI from podcast audience sales.

Not only was BED|STÜ able to access shows that are not typically available on other platforms, but also succeeded in connecting with specific audiences that closely aligned with the brand’s ethos and message. The results were significant in driving sales and creating a positive brand impact.

The results


Total Shows




Host read ads


ROI on initial investment

The Take Away

BedSTU’s efforts show that for luxury retail brands looking to reach intentional and aligned audiences, if delivered effectively, podcasting can be a valuable tactic to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Want to learn more about running a podcast ad campaign with Ossa? Please email us or schedule a time with our team to chat.

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