My Go-To Apps for Making Travel + Planning So Much Easier

Planning and coordinating travel can be stressful, but a few great websites and apps on your phone can certainly help.

Google Trips

  • It’s easy to find the tops things to do, see, and eat, then plan each day accordingly and route between it all. You can organize all of your reservations and travel details into one place and Trips will even gather your information from Gmail and your Inbox. And best of all – it’s available offline so you can use the app on the go!


  • This trip planner has a website and an app that lets you plan out your travel down to a tee. You can save the top sights, restaurants, museums, your accommodations, and you can map the best routes between them all. It’s really easy to use and to share your trips with others so that you can all collaborate to plan the vacation.


  • This website and app brings together all of your travel arrangements and documents in one place, then you can edit the itinerary, sync it to your calendar, and share your plans with others.


  • This is my favorite website to find deals on flights, other than Google Flights, but my favorite feature is the option to choose “Everywhere” as a destination. If you’re anything like me and just want to travel as much as possible and aren’t too particular about where, you can choose a set of dates that you have free time and then find the most affordable destinations for those dates. It’ll help you to travel no matter where you’re going to go!

Google Maps

  • One of the coolest things about Google Maps is the option to create your own custom maps and then download them to your phone! Once you have the maps for a certain area downloaded to your phone you can use the Google Maps app for navigation completely regardless of whether you’ve paid for data usage abroad and of course, assuming you have service. On a recent road trip through New Zealand, I was able to plan our entire route including all of the stops along the way for restaurants, scenic detours, photo stops, and more, and since I’d downloaded the maps I was able to use them wherever we went. To use this feature you will need a Google account and the app on your phone, but from there it’s pretty simple and so useful!


  • A lot of us already have this app and use it on the reg, but it’s super useful no matter where you are, even if only to double check that your Uber driver is taking the quickest route and not trying to screw you over on fares. I use this around NYC when I have any doubt about the driver and you can use it abroad if you have paid for international data.


  • Okay, this one’s a little pricey, but if you’re worried about speaking the language and you want a comprehensive phrasebook that works well offline, this is the app you need.

  • My favorite thing about is that for most of the hotels you’ll book, you can cancel with as little as 24-hour notice, which makes it easy to grab a room at a hotel and then easily change your mind if you find a better deal. They also tend to have great deals for hotel rates.


  • I use this app just for fun since it doesn’t necessarily help you plan your travel, but it does help you keep track of where you have been. You just check off every country you’ve visited and you can refer to the world map and see how much of the world you have experienced.
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