Give Your Customer an Experience–Even With Manila Mail

You know that feeling when your server sets down a meal that looks like a work of art? Or when you open a thoughtfully wrapped gift?

For me, the food just seems to taste better when it’s on a clean white plate at a fun table setting, and the present is that much more enjoyable because it wasn’t just wrapped up with haste.

Ultimately, it’s not just the thing itself, but the whole experience you’re creating for the person on the receiving end.

pallian packaging custom branding
These are so beautiful (and packaged so sweetly!) you almost don’t want to eat them… almost.


That’s how e-commerce owners should feel about their mail packaging.

Case in Point

Have you ever ordered something from Kate Spade?

You could order pencils and it will be wrapped just as cutely.

It makes me smile just looking at it! It’s so happy, so on brand!

It makes me want to open Snapchat to share the adorable mailbox experience I just had.

Kate Spade’s winning combo is pretty simple: nice tissue paper, inspirational postcard, items wrapped with care and protection, prompt delivery.

Having a branded “shipment” experience is a chance for you to…

1. Show your company’s personality in an otherwise mundane transaction

2. Give your customer have a “well, happy birthday to me!” moment and bossify their day

3. And ultimately, see value in your company and want to buy from you more often!

Of course, we hope you’re thoughtful as to how you spend your $$$ in the branding and shipping process (we are after all, a blog for financially responsible women and entrepreneurs!).

When I’m creating and mailing out a Like A Boss Girls giveaway box (psst there’s one at the end of this post!), I look for overall value–which, let’s be real, we should be doing all the time!

Enter, Staples.

Let me list for you the ways in which Staples has become my new business best friend:

+ They have a 100% Price Match Guarantee (and sometimes even 110% like I got this week!) on everything you will buy or have bought in the last 2 weeks. Yes you read that correctly. Deal lovers rejoice.

+ They have both UPS and USPS mailing services IN STORE that operate on NORMAL STAPLES HOURS. So I don’t have to rush to the post office by 6pm and wait in long lines with fellow last-minute-ers like me.

+ They have coupons out the waz–even on packing and shipping services, not just supplies–and you guys know how I love getting a deal.

+ Same day pick-up for branded materials–personalized stationery, envelopes, shipping labels, address labels, etc. (Below you’ll see our branded postcards that we use for our giveaway winners!).

Have you been inspired yet to jazz up your shipments and do it for not crazy $$$?

If the answer is yes and you wanna win this set of office swag from Staples that’s aimed to streamline your business, share this post on FB or Twitter and we’ll randomly select a lucky lady to be our giveaway winner!

What’s in the giveaway box…

boss girls giveaway
custom packaging for shipments business staples

like a boss girls organize your biz giveaway staples

I was asked to participate in the #MakeMoreHappen campaign, sponsored by Staples. Like A Boss Girls has been compensated, and all opinions are my own.

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