The Power Of Us

OSSA is a network of podcast hosts and producers. We connect you with advertisers to help you monetize your content.

Are you a Brand?

Who Are You?

You’re a female podcast host or producer eager to share your voice with the world. You support our mission to champion the voices of women and minorities, support social equality and facilitate personal empowerment.

We embrace creators of all stages and sizes -- however, our platform works best with shows that have a minimum of 1,000 downloads a month.

You are committed to providing the best in entertainment, education, and information.

Benefits Of Working With Us


We pair ads with audiences. Advertisers use our podcast network to place their brand messaging based on audience profile. We provide you with the opportunity to grow your revenue AND your audience.

All Experience Levels

You don’t need to be in iTunes Top 100 to join our network. Our hosts and producers range from podcasting veterans to first-timers.

Ad Placement Veto

We value your creative vision. This is why we give you full control to decide which ad placement offers to accept.


We have a “play-it-forward” policy. Each network partner provides airtime to help plug a sister show.

No Upfront Costs

We don’t require any upfront membership fees or exclusivity. You are free to work with other podcast networks.


We strongly believe in the power of community. Connect with other creators to share tips, gain insights and learn the tools of the trade as you accelerate and support each other's growth.

How It Works

Our platform was built with seamlessness in mind. Once you create an account, your podcast is listed and becomes visible to potential advertisers. Brands can select the shows and hosts they are interested in working with based on their desired audience and submit a booking request.


Create a profile

Podcast name, audience, profile and available ad placement.


Get approved

Once you’ve been approved, your show will be visible to our brand partners.


Receive bookings

Apply to join our network.

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Are You A Brand?