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Mind of a Mentor Episode #38: Debra Angilletta, CEO and Founder of Angilletta & Associates

Debra Angilletta is the CEO and founder of Angilletta & Associates, a team of financial experts who want to help businesses “profit on purpose.” Her business works with growth-stage information technology and information security companies, providing strategic planning, operations, and sales team and cash flow solutions.

In a more recent project, Debra noticed that her business colleagues who were working as accountants and bookkeepers were struggling to find their ideal clients, make selling simple, and close more deals. This inspired her to create an online program called “Sales Mastery” especially created for accountants, bookkeepers and coaches.

Thanks to her Wall Street background of over 25 years, clients can tap into Debra’s street smarts and battle-tested industry knowledge to support their growth and catapult their sales and marketing skills. Debra is also a sought after speaker, author, facilitator, and thought leader. She has her own set of popular programs such as “Profit First: The Business Owner’s Practical Guide To Big Profits And Paying Yourself First,” “Sales Mastery,” and “Millionaire Mastery,” along with free resources on her website so that anyone can learn from Debra’s priceless financial experience.

Tune in to hear Debra Angilletta on Episode #38 of Mind of a Mentor now!

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