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Mind of a Mentor Episode #29: Dr. Gloraine Giovanelli, Health and Wellness Consultant

Dr. Gloraine Giovanelli (also fondly referred to as “Dr. Glo”) is health coach that takes a holistic approach to her clients’ wellness. In addition to nutrition coaching, Dr. Gloraine also emphasizes healthy lifestyle changes such as more relaxation and shifting unhealthy mindsets.

In her own words, “A healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. [My work] isn’t really about food. It’s about you making an impact in your life and the lives of others.” While she promotes a plant-based diet (which she practices herself) as the cornerstone to overall well-being, she emphasizes the fact that a healthy mindset will actually make or break the success of this major lifestyle shift.

Her services include practical steps to support clients on their way to a healthy lifestyle, including audio and video recordings, recipes, and other online programs. She offers private consulting and coaching sessions, and has an e-book about sleep available now.

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