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Eight Things To Consider While Planning Your Podcast Ad Campaign

Podcast advertising offers enormous opportunities for both individuals and brands. However, just like with any advertising medium, the success of an ad campaign is heavily dependent on the quality of the ads. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that; to have a successful advertising podcast campaign, the quality of the ad has to be at the top of the ladder. 

A bad ad wouldn’t only destroy the brand impression but also obliterates the persona of the podcaster. More often than not, it could be a reason between a successful podcast show and a disaster. That’s because; audience decides to download and listen to a podcast of their choice. Bad advertisement in the podcast would surely turn off the listeners and eventually sink the whole show. 

So, now the question arises: What are the things that need to be considered while planning an ad campaign? Right! 

Suppose you want to create a successful podcast ad campaign. In that case, you should focus on key points like defining your goals, having optimal ad length, creating an engaging ad, effectively developing the ad copy, adding promo codes, targeting the right audience, valuing the customers, and seeking professional help from the marketing agencies. Let’s briefly discuss them one by one.

Defining Your Goals:

To have a successful ad campaign, the very first thing you have to do is to outline your KPI’s. KPI’s are crucial to explain how you are going to achieve your advertising goals. Define your key performance indicators like whether you are looking to see an increase in brand awareness, sales, traffic, or a combination of all. 

Have Optimal Ad Length:

Ideally, the length of the ad should vary between 15 to 60 seconds. Yes, it might seem like a much shorter time, but contrarily, the longer ads would be of no benefit. In fact, in lengthier ads, the listeners might start nodding off. Also, in podcasts, listeners have the freedom to press the fast-forward button and hence could miss the whole ad. 

Moreover, ask yourself do you really need more than a minute to pitch your product? If yes, then you have to think twice about your ad campaign. It shouldn’t take much time to attract a customer to your product. On the flip side, by keeping it brief, you have the edge of attracting more audiences to your ad. 

Making An Engaging And Creative Ad:

While creating an ad campaign, advertisers should take ads as an opportunity to showcase the benefits of their product. But this doesn’t mean; they have to highlight all the benefits of their product. Of course, time won’t be on their side. However, one thing they could do is; try to be as creative and engaging as possible.  

For this, advertisers could make use of different ads at different periods of the podcasts. This way, the audience would be well engaged and responsive. On the other side, if the campaign is based on the same ads at each time, then obviously, after a few podcasts, listeners will not feel positive about your brand. Always remember: “Every second of Podcast is meant to make people engage and feel positive about themselves.”

Understanding, Understanding, And More Understanding:

Understanding the audience or, if say, targeting the right audience is as important as the quality of the ad. The advertisement must always fit the actual podcast and attract the audience listening to it for a successful ad campaign. 

To do so, first, make sure that the advertised service or product relates to the podcast’s content. And second, you need to focus on fashioning the advertisement around certain listeners in terms of language. 

To Add Promo Codes:

Do you know? Around 95% of the total advertisers use some type of promo code in their advertisements. They simply provide the host with their coupon code, and then the podcaster will mention it on air while promoting the product or service. Surely, this is one of the great ways to track the ROI of specific ad campaigns. So, what do you think of adding promo codes to your ad campaign?

Provide Value For Audience:

Your brand’s ad campaign should provide value to the targeted listeners. Instead of creating general strategies for ads, focus on creating value through better customer service. When customers complete a purchase, try to ask them from where they have heard about you and include the podcasts you advertise on as an option.    

Effectively Developing Podcast Ad Copy:

The recipe for a productive ad copy is simple, meaningful, and innovative. Each sentence of the copy should be short and punchy. Based on types, there are two ways to develop an ad copy. 1) bullet point script. 2) Full ad script. 

Bullet Point Script:

As an advertiser or ad campaign manager, you should know that many podcast hosts don’t read ads word by word. So, to counter that, advertisers are required to provide key messaging or bullet points. The advertiser constructs and shares the most relevant bullet points for each podcast with the podcaster to make the ad creative and engaging. This way, it’s easier for the podcasters to flavor the advertisement to their own personal spin and, in return, who knows, could be more appealing to the listeners. 

Full Ad Script:

Contrarily, if your brand doesn’t trust the host to efficiently promote the brand when ad-libbing the spot, you may have the option to go for a full ad script. While doing that, try to create an advertisement that truly reflects the podcast’s tone. 

To do so:

  • Start an ad copy with an attention-grabbing statement to get the audience’s attention.
  • Introduce the product or service by sharing a personal story from the host’s perspective.
  • Once it is done, write about the core of the advertisement (benefits, solutions, positive results).
  • Close the ad by creating an attractive CTA having discount offers or coupon codes.


Seek Professional Assistance From Podcast Marketing Agency:

If you’re looking for complete assistance on the podcasting ad campaigns for your brand, then go for some podcast marketing agency. They could help you to pass the whole process with ease. Indeed, a podcast marketing agency is the best option to get effective ad campaign strategies. They ensure that your brand podcast campaigns are efficient and of complete success. 


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