Manage your Creators and Campaigns, Seamlessy.

Built by Networks for Networks.

Ossa is secure. It’s flexible. It’s software that actually makes your podcast advertising efforts easy. And it’s here to help your podcast network or podcast advertising business.


A platform that helps you boost productivity and scale with you.

Running a network can be time consuming, disorganized and ineffiecent. Ossa Enterprise takes the heavy lifting out of managing your podcast creators and allows you to focus on what you do best… building your netowrk and supporting your creators.

Onboard Creators

Onboarding Podcasters couldn’t be easier. They simply download the app, create their account and setup their show.

Send Offers and Bookings

Through one simple dashboard you can send campign offers in a matter of minutes. Podcast creators opt in to show their availability and interest so you reduce the amount of time you have to go back and forth.

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Process Payments and 1099's

Once a campaign has been completed you can process full and partial payments through one easy dashboard. Your podcast creators can see the status of payments at any stage. 1099’s have never been easier. Automate your EOY podcaster taxes through the stripe integration.

Centralized Communications

Communicating with Creators has never been easier. You can choose from live support, email integration, SMS and more. One central place that allows your team communicate seamlessly with your community.


reduce time effort and resource needed to run the podcast advertising side of your network

Increase creator compliance

Ability to scale the number of podcast creators you work with

No more spreadsheets

One centralized place for your finances

Some other benefit that is wow.

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