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Mind of a Mentor | Episode #122 | ft. Saranne Rothberg, CEO, ComedyCures

About Saranne Rothberg:

saranne rothberg

Saranne Rothberg, CEO, ComedyCures


From stage IV cancer patient to ComedyCures CEO, Saranne Rothberg is a sought-after healthcare thought leader, speaker, patient advocate, and health and happiness expert, and is regularly featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & PBS. She was featured as “Oprah’s hero” in Oprah’s New York Times #1 bestseller, Live Your Best Life.

Alongside major institutions like Fortune 500 companies, The World Health Organization, The United Nations, and The National Cancer Institute, Saranne creates innovative global wellness-related programming in all media formats. She collaborates with healthcare professionals, thought leaders, researchers, and entertainers to start conversations, share ideas, stimulate research and find a cure to cancer.

Saranne launched The ComedyCures Foundation, a nonprofit organization, from her chemo chair in 1999. Today she is living cancer-free and has helped over one million people at 1,800+ live and digital events worldwide rediscover the healing power of laughter, mojo, and purpose.

Listen to Episode #122 featuring Saranne Rothberg, CEO of The ComedyCures Foundation:


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Episode #122 Highlights:


0:00 – 46:08 ~  Introductions and Saranne’s Incredible Backstory 

46:09 – 51:31 ~ Comedy Cures Inspiration

51:32 – 55:27 ~ What Comedy Cures Does

55:28 – 1:02:27 ~ Upcoming Laughter Summit and Goodbyes


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