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It’s probably safe to say that almost all of us have faced complicated family dynamics at some point. Whether you’re extremely close to your family, completely estranged, or, like most of us, your family ties fall somewhere in between, it is likely that your family dynamics carry a strong emotional charge that can make a major impact on your life. Regardless of whether or not you’re related by blood, the people we call our family are the relationships that we typically care the most about salvaging in difficult times.

Whether it’s your partner, parents, siblings, children, in-laws, or extended family, you have probably faced plenty of challenging situations when it comes to your family dynamics. It’s always helpful to have somewhere to turn for external advice, which is why we have built a resource for all of your family-related questions, struggles and experiences — and we’ve included the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Navigating Your Most Challenging and Cherished Relationships: Family & Parenthood

  • Education: For better or for worse, the people who raised us have a major impact on the type of person we become. Learning how to celebrate the good and make peace with the bad parts of our upbringing is key to our personal growth, and often crucial to our overall happiness. We can also improve our relationships with family members–and ourselves–by adopting tools and strategies that allow us to navigate difficult family dynamics while maintaining our sanity and composure.
  • Inspiration: We can find a great deal of inspiration by reading stories about other people’s families–either learning what not to do, or what to aspire to. It can also give us a healthy perspective on our own situation and inspire us to put even more love, patience and understanding into our family.

Action: Our resources can help you formulate a plan of action on the best way to deal with particular family members and to teach you strategies for tackling dysfunctional family dynamics.

Most of all, do your best not to waste too much energy on the negative, and channel as much love and understanding into your family as you can.

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