Find A Mentor and Change Your Life Forever

how to make friends like a boss

Find A Mentor and Change Your Life Forever


It sounds like such a daunting word and a huge responsibility. But turns out mentors are just people–real people–who want to pay it forward and help others because somebody probably once helped them. Sure, finding a mentor who you click with might take a few tries, but when it does, boy is it worth it.

And now the mentor-finding process just got a whole lot easier (particularly if you’re not located in a spot where your desired field is bounding with professionals!). It’s called Glassbreakers and it’s a networking site designed to link women with an inspiring mentor.
(note: right now the site is focused on advertising and tech peers, but they are expanding as we speak!) 

Refinery 29 interviewed CEO Eileen Carey and CTO Lauren Mosenthal about how to find the perfect mentor (or mentors!). These boss girls will tell you who, where, and how… so start connecting!

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