How the Four Agreements I Made With Myself Have Sweetened My Life + Biz

The life of a digital nomad means working from your laptop and getting to hop around the world wherever they have an internet connection. And I’ll admit it’s pretty darn awesome, but for me it means I MUST have some ‘grounding’ practices in my back pocket to stay centered and in a good head space no matter where I physically am located at the time.

So I do a little morning yoga ritual (like 3 minutes lol), but I also have deeper philosophical practices like honoring the Four Agreements made popular by Don Miguel Ruiz in his book. [You can nab the book here for $5!]

Whether you work from one location or travel around like I do, are a business woman or a mom of 3 (or both!), the Four Agreements will make life so much more peaceful.

So here’s a little 20 min vid on how the Four Agreements have enhanced both my outlook on life and the $$$ coming in from my businesses 🙂