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Exclusive to Ossa Members. We offer a free hosting program to help you build your ad stack and earn more. Please checkout our FAQ’s and terms and conditions before you apply.


At Ossa we are on a mission to increase the volume of under represented voices and make monetization easy and accessible no matter your size.  Unknowingly your hosting provider may be restricting your earning potential. We have created a program for our creators to opt in to if they are seeking a provider that will allow 3rd party prefixes, programmatic and dynamic advertising. As always Ossa remains host agnostic and treats all creators with fair and equal opportunities.

We require all podcast creators to be an active Ossa Member and agree to terms of service if you participate in this program.

How it Works?

Once you are approved we will send you a email invite to your preferred hosting platform. You can seamlessly import your past episodes via your RSS feed. Read more about migrating your show here here.


In addition to no monthly hosting fees. You can access a robust hosting solution on Spreaker or on Megaphone. Ossa’s Free Hosting Program allow you to run the following types of ads;


60 second host read ads that are produced as a live read and embedded into your episode. The host read embedded ad has been an industry staple and perfect for evergreen messaging or brand awareness campaigns.


Prerecorded 30-60 ad spots that will fill your pre or post roll spots that are available. Programmatic ads are great for podcasters who are looking to supplement your income and establish your list of brands you have worked with.

DYNAMIC ADS (Megaphone only)

Encouraged for podcasters, dynamic ads allow you to optimize your earning potential on all of your catalogue. You simply set the goals tel the ad(S) when how how to serve and once your goals are met the ad will disappear. .


Any Podcaster who is participating in this program will automatically opt into an Enhanced Podswap Program”. Your 30-60 second promo spot will run on other showsimilar to your content and audience.

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