Getting Unstuck: This One Little Thing WILL Change Your Life

getting unstuck

Getting Unstuck: This One Little Thing WILL Change Your Life // I get you – there are so many things you want to do, that you want to change. But that’s just the trouble, you feel overwhelmed. When you’re stuck it can feel awfully hard to get unstuck.

Your goals seem so gargantuan, where do you start?

A better question might be: How do you start?  Yeah, yeah — you’ve heard the old saw about how “a journey starts with a single step”? I can do that one better, a half-step.

Maybe you’re broke, unmotivated, overweight, in a job you hate, or just plain lost, the discipline to commit to a new habit is often something we end up putting off until tomorrow. And that just doubles the crappy way you feel because now you can add lack of willpower to the things you need to change about yourself.  What’s the answer? It’s time to put your big plans aside and focus on something tiny.

You don’t need to fix everything in your life. You don’t even need to fix one thing. You just need to take some action, any action, no matter how small. Just do something, even an almost no-thing thing.

You could make a list. Throw out the junk food in the fridge. Take a walk. Sign-up for a job-hunting newsletter. Write one email. Don’t do lots of things, just one teeny thing. Even better, do a half a thing, a one-hundredth of a thing. The teensier the better.

Then honor that teensy thing. You took a first step, hooray! Your focus from now on will be the doing of the thing, taking some action. The idea is to love the step, not the destination.  In fact, it doesn’t even have to be the step. Just the taking your foot off the ground — celebrate the forward motion!

Forward movement, no matter how miniscule, that is everything. Love that tiny forward step with everything you have, and there will be more of them. You haven’t achieved a goal, but you moved toward it. You moved away from paralysis, from inertia, surrender and confusion.

That eensy-weensy step – enjoy the hell out of it. A five-minute walk, two-minutes of writing, ten minutes of researching possible jobs. Maybe spend ten minutes just checking out articles here at Like A Boss Girls. Whatever it is, applaud it. Because you know what you’ve done? You’ve gone and changed your life. Five minutes will lead to ten, then twenty. You won’t even have to push yourself, it just will.

Just do one little thing. Take that one little step. The important thing is you’ve moved, you’re laying a foundation.  What matters is: you’re not stuck anymore. And that’s a pretty big thing.

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