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Guests – Insights from Experienced Interviewers

There is a lot that goes into making a podcast successful. From content creation to securing the right guests and conducting insightful interviews, each step requires meticulous attention. In a recent Amplify podcast episode, we had the pleasure of discussing these aspects with two industry experts – Kanika Chadda-Gupta, host of Total Mom Sense, and Matthew Hoffman, an American television host and interview personality who also hosts a podcast.

Both Kanika and Matthew have extensive experience in the media industry, with Kanika making a transition from CNN to podcasting and Matthew juggling multiple roles in television. Through this episode, they shared their expertise on booking guests, creating compelling content, and mastering the art of interviewing.

Kanika’s Approach to Interview Tactics

Kanika’s transition from CNN to podcasting required a shift in her approach to interviews. In television, interviews are often condensed into 90-second news packages, with a constant hunt for the key sound bite. Podcasting, however, allows for more extended and in-depth conversations, offering guests the space to flesh out their thoughts and beliefs. 

One thing Kanika has carried forward from her television experience is to avoid asking two questions in one. It can confuse the guest and lead to long-winded responses. She also highlighted the importance of active listening, a crucial skill that allows hosts to ask follow-up questions and maintain engaging conversations.

Matthew’s Approach to Preparing for Guests

Like Kanika, Matthew also emphasized the importance of thorough preparation. Whether it’s a live interview on a red carpet or a podcast episode, he believes knowing your guests well can make a significant difference. He suggested using platforms like IMDbPro to research potential guests, noting that a targeted and personalized outreach can make it easier for guests to say ‘yes.’

Matthew also highlighted the importance of making the interviews beneficial for both the host and the guest. He believes that while the ultimate aim is to make the guest shine, a good interviewer should also strive to extract relevant and engaging information that their listeners would find valuable.

The Art of Securing Top Guests for Your Podcast

Securing top-notch guests for your podcast can be a challenging task. Both Kanika and Matthew suggest making it as easy as possible for potential guests to say ‘yes.’ This could mean assuring them of the promotional benefits, accommodating their schedule, or simply making them feel valued and important. 

They also encouraged podcasters not to get disheartened by rejections. As Matthew said, “Throw spaghetti against the wall. You never know how many noodles are going to stick.”

Interestingly, both experts agreed that having big guests on your podcast does not necessarily mean more listeners. The essence of a successful podcast lies in its content. It’s crucial to ensure that the guest aligns with the theme of your show and can add value for your listeners.

Final Thoughts

This podcast episode offers invaluable insights for anyone looking to master the art of podcast interviews. From securing the right guests to conducting engaging conversations, the tips shared by Kanika and Matthew can help podcasters elevate their game.

Remember, every podcast has to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential guests, prepare thoroughly for your interviews, and most importantly, focus on creating content that your listeners will love and benefit from. The road to a successful podcast may be steep, but with the right approach and persistence, it is definitely climbable.

Listen to our Amplify series for the full episode, and more advice from experts in the podcasting industry.

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