Has This Happened to You? Running Personal Errands for Your Boss

Personal Errands for My Boss

Has This Happened to You? Running Personal Errands for Your Boss

Personal errands should be just that: personal.

Your boss, Sarit, is getting married. Congrats to her. Condolences to you. Or, as a friend likes to say “condalations.”

Sarit has a full load. And when her work overflows, the extra load gets handed off to you. This time though, the handoff is related to her wedding plans.

Sarit asks you to pick up some bites for lunch. Turns out they are tastes for her wedding menu. The good news is that her caterer is extraordinary! Sarit asks you to pick up swatches for a client – turns out they are swatches for her dress. Sarit asks you to create a spreadsheet for an event. Turns out the spreadsheet is for her wedding invites. As the days get closer to her nuptuals, your to do list becomes overwhelming. A trip to the florist during lunch hours to pick up a sample bouquet. A visit to the wedding venue before you arrive at the office to go through deliveries. A call to the honeymoon hotel to make sure that they have champagne on ice for when your boss and her husband arrive.

You don’t mind helping. Sarit is a good boss and looks out for you as well. But you have a full work load, handling design and merchandising for your firm’s retail outlets. You really like your job, but you are not an event planner. Plus, you feel (rightly so) that personal errands should be done outside of work hours.

Do you approach Sarit and say enough is enough? Do you share your current workload with Sarit and ask her to help prioritize (her wedding errands or the company task list???). Or, do you just suck it up? The wedding, after all, is only a few weeks away. You are just hoping that these errands do not persist after she returns from the festivities.

Ever been in a similar situation or have a tip to share? Leave a comment and let us know.

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