Finding Hope In Dark Times: An Interview With Media Maven Hope Alcocer

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Finding Hope In Dark Times: An Interview With Media Maven Hope Alcocer

If you’re going through a trying time in your life right now, Hope Alcocer has a life story that will give you solace. Enduring major challenges like a traumatic head injury, relationship drama, and family struggles, Hope’s journey from trauma to triumph is nothing short of inspirational.

Alcocer’s experiences have led her to write and self-publish two books in two years, and start her own digital media empire, appropriately named Wonder Woman Media. But this empire did not come easy. Hope’s diligence and dedication to female empowerment and leveraging her own creativity has allowed her to live the life she dreamed for herself. Now she wants to show you how you can, too.

hope alcocer in nycName:

Hope Alcocer


Wonder Woman Media

Job Title:

Author of two books and owner of Wonder Woman Media

Current home base:


Originally from:

Relocated from NYC; grew up in the Midwest (Michigan/Chicago)


I’ve used my pain, trials, and tribulations to fuel my passions and projects.

One thing on your bucket list:

Host my own women’s conference.

A woman in history you admire & why:

Not just one woman, but the women in my family (and other families) who were involved in the 1915 Armenian Genocide (also known as the Armenian Holocaust). As I become more and more aware of what is going on in the world, I am becoming more in tune to what my family members and ancestors went through to protect their families, rights, and faith.

A present-day woman you admire & why:

Michelle Obama. She’s timeless, classy, strong, and iconic. Many times, when I feel down on myself, I just look up clips of her. Her energy and vibrance is contagious.

Quote/piece of advice that you live by:

So many! “Mind over matter” is a huge one for me. It’s tattooed on my forearm (my brother has a matching one too). This quote reminds me that I have the power to do anything I set my mind to. Everything you want is possible to achieve as long as you believe in yourself and put your mind to it. There is always a way to accomplish your goals and dreams — you just have to get creative with it.

What inspired you to start your current venture?

I suffered a head injury during my senior year of high school. I barely made it through college due to health issues relating to that injury, including seizures, short term memory issues, learning disabilities, and severe depression/anxiety. As college graduation crept up on me, I panicked wondering how the hell I would be able to hold down a 9 to 5 between my bad days and health issues and doctor appointments.

I always loved to write, so I began doing basic editing and proofreading remotely. During this time (2010/2011), social media had started to gain popularity, so I taught myself the basics of social media management/strategy for my clients. Fast forward to over eight years later — I own and operate a digital marketing and public relations firm that I recently rebranded as Wonder Woman Media (from Hope Alcocer Studios).

How are you making an impact and generating positive change through your work?

I focus specifically on female driven brands/companies and independent female musicians. I am such a strong female empowerment advocate, and I love music so much it made sense to have both key demographics be the ones that have a special place in my (and Wonder Woman Media’s) heart.

What is one thing you have accomplished through your work that you are most proud of?

I am entirely self-made. I’ve paved my way without anything falling into my lap. I’ve worked my ass off to get here.

What is one major work milestone that you would like to accomplish in the next year?

More public speaking gigs and traveling more for my work/books. I was able to do that for my first book and I miss it quite a bit.

hope alcocer 30 things before 30

What is one new project you are currently working on that you are most excited about?

I’m continuing to promote my second book, 30 Things Before 30, that came out earlier this year (March 2018). I’m mostly promoting it on college campuses this upcoming semester. It’s one thing to talk about your book across media outlets, but it’s refreshing and so fulfilling to talk about the topics in the book to the audience it was written for.

What is a trend in your industry that you foresee becoming popular in the future?

Seeking remote work/contracts. I’ve been on both sides of the coin and being remote/offsite truly allows for more freedom, artistic expression, and creativity to flow.

What is one of the greatest challenges you have personally faced at this job?

I’ll speak to a challenge as an author. Both of my books are self-published, and my first one, Where Hope Lies, had the most meager, bare-boned editing budget. It came back so poorly edited that I had to choose another editor (that was still lower quality), and the book hit shelves without the best editing job. I had my best friend and siblings helping me with edits the day it came out.

But within 10 days, the first edition sold out! It still has a couple bad reviews on the internet, but you know what? I learned from it. It was still successful regardless, and I’m quite proud of myself that I’ve published two books in two years! It’s also a great story, and something I can laugh about.

What were you doing before your current role?

I went to school for psychology — very different from what I’m doing now! The only time I really use that knowledge is to psycho-analyze myself at 2 am.

What is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve ever received & why?

“Stop comparing your life to other’s highlight reel on social media.” — much of my life, both personally and professionally, requires me to be on social media. It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling envious as you watch someone else live a life that seems more beautiful than yours.

What is one of the worst pieces of advice you have ever received & why?

“You don’t have to be happy at your job. It’s just a job.”….uh, are you kidding me?!? You’re spending most of your life working, you should find pleasure in the work you do.

Can you tell us about a time when you took a huge risk/did something you were scared to do, and it totally paid off?

Over five years ago my wedding was called off, and then my brother (who is also my best friend) was in an accident leaving him wheelchair bound. These events were within nine months of each other. I, very quickly, became a very negative and angry person. I was sick of driving around seeing the same scenery, the same people, reliving the same traumatic memories. So I bought a one way ticket and moved to New York City — the city of my dreams.

I was scared shitless. Stepping outside of my comfort zone was NOT my thing at the time. I had a couple suitcases and did not know a soul. But to this day, it is the best decision I’ve ever made. I was able to heal, change, grow, and emerge as an unscathed woman who knows exactly who she is and what she wants.

Are there any great resources you have discovered that you would like to share?

Six Degrees Society is an amazing networking society with events all over the country. They were a huge part of my network/success during my time in New York City. Talkspace for affordable therapy as you try to navigate your way through this crazy, insane journey we call life. I still have the same therapist I found through there from 2+ years ago.

Fun fact about yourself:

I’m in a Nexium commercial! Who knew heartburn and acid reflex would put me onscreen?

For more from Hope Alcocer, follow her here:

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Links to Hope Alcocer’s books:

Where Hope Lies

30 Things Before 30

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