How To Create Ad Placements On People’s Podcasts?

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How To Create Ad Placements On People’s Podcasts?

Currently, podcasts are reaching over 68 million Americans every week, and it is predicted that one in every three Americans will be listening to a podcast every week by 2022. As a result of the large number of people who listen to podcasts — and the expectation of continuous expansion — there are more chances than ever to get your message in front of an podcast audience that will pay attention. And this new wave of marketing isn’t going away anytime soon.

If you’re a podcaster seeking to sell ad space to advertise your product, now is a momentous occasion to learn how to leverage this medium. Today, we’ll go through how podcast advertising works and how to create ad placements on people’s podcast to achieve the best possible outcomes for your business.

What Makes Podcast Advertising Effective?

One of the significant advantages of podcasts is their capacity to generate highly customized entertainment while attracting a highly engaged audience.

As a result of the increased interaction, there are more chances for targeted, host-read advertisements to reach genuinely interested listeners. The engagement generated by these advertisements is often two to three times more than that of traditional radio advertising.

The best thing is; usually podcast audience aren’t bothered by ads and enjoy honest suggestions from a recognizable voice. On the other hand, Millennials are considerably more likely than any other demographic to listen to podcast episodes, and they prefer this new wave of advertising over more conventional media. This age group is also technologically adept and more likely to respond to digital advertisements.

Podcast Ads For Brands:

The vast majority of individuals in the twenty-first century are deaf to all advertisements and promotions they hear on a given day. Podcast advertising offers a potential solution to this issue while also increasing brand recognition by targeting particular audience demographics, ensuring that the appropriate podcast audience hears your ad.

Podcast Ads For Podcasters:

Bloggers and podcasters can use their medium for advertising their shows on other podcasts with a comparable podcast audience to their own. Podcasters can use these advertisements in addition to the more typical cross-promotional tactics they employ.

Creating An Effective Podcast Advertising Campaign:

More than 58% of small companies often start with an initial $25,000 or less capital. Especially if you have restricted budget for promotion, you have to guarantee that your marketing plan generates new customers.

Here are some suggestions for making your advertising plan worth money and time:

Find Your Target Podcast Audience:

If you are searching for a podcast to publish, don’t go with a massive audience just because they have one.

Look at the quality of the audience as an option. Here are some ideas for finding your target audience:

  • Search for Google’s “Theme target audience is interested in + podcast.”
  • See the category listings for the podcast directory for a range of episodes all on the same subject.
  • Use the Audience Insights feature in Facebook to identify your users’ websites and then search for podcasts linked to them.
  • Search for podcast networks specializing in specific internet programs. Companies may advertise in many episodes for podcast networks like HeadGum, Wondery (best known for his immersive podcasts), and the EarWolf Podcast Networks.

Use Host-Read Advertisements:

Since 2018, host-read advertisements have been the most popular ad format for podcasts. A podcast presenter reading your advertisement is more effective since it adheres to the basic style of your program and easily blends in to complement what the host says. Encourage the presenter to use your product to make a genuine ad. Podcast audience can detect the difference between when and when a podcast presenter has tried a product.

On the other hand, pre-enrolled podcast advertising does not provide interactive opportunities. Listeners may skip the pre-recorded ad, resulting in a loss to both your podcast and business.

Choose The Best Placement:

Podcast advertisements are usually placed as pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-roll. Pre-roll advertisements appear at the beginning of an episode, middle-roll ones appear in the middle, and the post-roll ads appear after the episode, as their names indicate. Placements on pre-and post-roll ads are less time demanding and cheaper. 

Mid-roll ad spots are somewhat longer and costlier than other ad commercials. If a host reads an ad aloud, the program may easily transition to the commercial without disrupting the show’s general tone.


When connecting and interacting with new consumers, podcast advertising is becoming an increasingly practical approach for businesses.

Keep track of your ad attribution so you can determine which channels attract the most traffic. Furthermore, it could also be used to track which channels need additional resources. You may measure this using approaches such as custom landings, discount vouchers, and consumer surveys.

Conduct a network of podcasts to find the most relevant podcasts and the most efficient placements for your advertisements. This way, you would achieve the best potential outcomes.

The advertiser must investigate and determine the target consumer to tailor the podcast ads to unique requirements. When you express that you love your audience and care about their issues, your message automatically appeals to them. And who knows, they would become your dedicated consumers and followers.

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