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How to Get New Listeners for Your Podcast?

Increasing the number and quality of podcast listeners is a common objective. Your show’s success depends on the size of your audience. The more people that tune in, the more successful the show will be. Groundwork is essential if your podcast isn’t going to be a huge hit right out of the gate. It’s possible to increase your podcast’s audience by using a few highly effective strategies! If you’re not sure how to get more people to listen to your podcast then this is the correct place for you. For the sake of your podcast’s success, you need to know how to market it after all that research and recording. As a result, the following are some helpful tips on how to grow a successful podcast.

It’s Time to Make A Trailer For Your Podcast

Make a podcast trailer episode that anchors to the top of your stream, whether you’re currently established or beginning a new one. Your trailer could showcase who you are as a person and what your podcast is about. You could include snippets from your episodes to attract listeners and to increase sign-ups. Take just a few seconds to get the point across.

Make Sure You Pick a Good Podcast Host

Your podcast needs a place to live. A good podcast hosting will provide you with the right publication tools, support distribution, including RSS Feeds, and much more! Having a podcast hosting place can also provide metrics and support your podcast growth. You need a fast and stable network, as well as the bandwidth and flexible storage space to manage your podcast, as it increases over time.

Maximize Your Search Engine Optimization

The internet is a tremendously crowded place and making your podcast easy to discover is essential. Using the correct keywords, headings, descriptions, and contents can help achieve this goal. First-time listeners are more likely to tune in to a podcast that appears on the first page of Google than a podcast that appears on page 50. 

. To increase the likelihood of your podcast getting seen on Google’s first page, optimize your podcast title, podcast description and optimize your podcast episodes with keywords. You need a combination of quality content, intelligent marketing, and SEO optimization to get to the top of iTunes podcast rankings.

Utilize YouTube to Grow Your Audience

Another great option to increase podcast listeners is to upload your episode on Youtube. Alternatively, even while there are reasons for and against doing so, the reality is that as the service continues to promote its music offering, ever more audio is being listened to on the platform. In addition, hosts like Transistor make it simple to do so. We suggest creating a simple Youtube channel where you can upload your podcast episode either as a video or audio. You may use it to post additional content, such as behind-the-scenes footage.

Growing Your Soundcloud Listenership

Soundcloud may not be the first place that springs to mind whenever you think of podcasts. The platform has new tools for podcasters noting its format is essential for podcasters. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes by using Soundcloud. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t place yourself on the podcast host list.

Make The Most of Traditional Marketing Efforts

The most traditional method of advertising might be the best option in some cases. Investing in Facebook and Instagram advertising is a no-brainer. After you know which keywords you’d like to use for your ads, check out ad placements like Google AdWords, Reddit Ads, or Facebook and Instagram. This is a short-term approach, a gimmick until you see the results you want. It’s worth the investment to gain podcast listeners.

Organic Podcast Promotion

In the end, your podcast is all you have to offer the world. To help expand your podcast listenership, organically promoting your podcast is a go! Start by posting blog entries, microblogs, or social media posts to augment your podcast. Consider partnering with other businesses or podcasts to spread your message. Another way on how to get people to listen to your podcast is to collaborate with thought leaders in your field of expertise. 
If you follow the mentioned tips above, your podcast could become successful. If you have any questions about encouraging people to listen to your podcast, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professionals are here to help you in any way they can. There are several podcast advertising marketplaces. Check out https://ossacollective.com/.

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