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How to promote your podcast in your holiday season?

It may seem that promoting your podcast in the holiday season is different and difficult than promoting a show that publishes episodes regularly. The good news is that you already know the best practices to market a podcast, which can apply to a podcast in the holiday season. And, people also listen to a podcast during holidays. Your episodes have a higher chance of getting more subscribers because most podcasters are on holiday breaks. As a result, the following are some helpful tips on promoting your podcast during the holiday season.

Public teaser or behind the scene content

Listeners love this kind of stuff. They want to feel like they’re part of the show, and publishing content gives you the skills to keep in touch with them. Even though, you’re not posting new episodes. This is one of the ways on how to get people to listen to your podcast.

Invite your friends, family, and communities

One way on how to get new listeners for your podcast is by telling your people, family, friends about your podcast. Invite those available to you to support your show by listening, sharing, subscribing, following, and leaving a review. Reach out to friends, community members, or different social groups you’re part of and ask them to listen and share your show with their friends or on their social media. Also, make sure your podcast is on all the podcast platforms. Active listeners are looking for podcast recommendations in every single one of those podcast players. Some of the best podcast ads are YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcast, Google podcast, Podchaser.

Guest other podcasts

One of the ways to grow a successful podcast and promote your podcast in the holiday season is by inviting other guests to your podcast. This is the best type for any kind of podcast. When guesting on your podcast, you can do this at any time of the year. When you have your call to action at the end of your interview, be upfront about the fact that it’s a holiday podcast. Talk about specific episodes you’d like to direct your audience or listeners to and give them a compelling reason to listen to that particular episode.

Promote your back catalog

This tip is handy if you have an evergreen topic podcast or even if at that time you’re promoting your back catalog. Those topics are still relevant. So you just have to tweak the content a little bit with different images, different quotes, hashtags, and on your various social media platforms.

Sell your podcast in each episode

Think of a TV series where they recap what happened in the previous episode at the beginning of each episode, and at the end of that episode, they show what will happen in the next episode. The point of this teaser content is to make the audience want to keep watching future episodes or go to the back catalog and watch previous episodes.

Host a social media giveaway

This will be run on your channel like Instagram, YouTube, or wherever it may be. You maximize the giveaway and ensure it brings as many subscribers as possible by making the giveaway more substantial, more targeted. All the people involved will, at one point or another, share them with their community, which will mostly be people directly interested in your niche.

So when one person who’s your idealist shares, comments on your giveaway post, it starts going viral, and they’ll be super interested in what you’re talking about on your podcast. They will be sharing it and promoting it on their channels with more people of similar interest because your show is related to a topic they are very interested in. They are more likely to check out our podcast and see the subject matter they like and will likely subscribe. Targeted giveaways with some thought are substantially more impactful.

So you think about what kind of service or product you could provide to help bring as many ideal listeners as possible and leverage their network of more similar people. 

If you follow the mentioned tips above, your podcast could become successful. If you have any questions about encouraging people to listen to your podcast, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professionals are here to help you in any way they can. There are several podcast advertising marketplaces. Check out ossacollective.com.

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