How To Self-Publish Your Book with Hope Alcocer


A major book deal isn’t as major as it use to be. In the past, inspiring writers often rushed to publishing companies hoping to gain the attention of agents and gatekeepers. Technology companies like Amazon have disrupted the model, making it easier for independent writer to self-publish their work.

Digital Marketer and Author, Hope Alcocer, is one of many writers who are bucking the system by cutting out the middle-person.

On our Mind of a Mentor podcast, Hope offers some tips on how writers can do it all on their own.

Control, Budget and Distribution

When deciding if self-publishing is the route for you, consider whether or not you have the interest and connections to a publishing company. After all, options are options. The difference between working with a publishing company can come down to a few critical things. Do you need full creative control? Do you have a following to help promote your work? Do you have a budget to produce and distribute?

A publishing company may provide resources and capital, however, you may lose creative control. You’re also giving away a piece of your pie (profits) for their support. Self-publishing, although more lucrative, takes a lot more work and hustle to become a success.

It’s important that you weigh your options and goals before you move forward.

Make Sure You Get A Good Editor

You’ve decided to self-publish, congratulations. Now you need a 2nd pair of eyes. Having a good editor will allow you to write more freely knowing there’s someone watching your back. Publishing companies have in-house editing teams. You don’t have that luxury. So whether it’s a friend, someone you find online or even a family member, make sure you get a qualified editor to help improve the quality of your work.

Build Anticipation Through Marketing and Promotion

You are your own marketing and promotions. No large rollout. No PR campaign. Just you.

Building anticipation for your book through social media, press and other means is a given. The playing field is wide open for independent authors to spread the word organically (and affordably). Especially if you already have a following prior to promoting. No following? Try reaching out to publications and influencers who do. Build a relationship and see if they would be interested in promoting your book.

Yes, it’s a lot of groundwork. But trust us, it’s worth it.

You Just Need To Do It

Seems easy right? Well, not really. We’ll go back and forth in our heads whether we have the strength, courage and resources to self-publish. Well, let us (and Hope) answer that question. Yes, you do have it in you.

Even Hope delayed putting out her book. She planned on releasing it on her birthday, then hesitated. Once International Women’s Day rolled around she said you know what, “let’s do it”. Next thing you know she’s on the Amazon’s Best Sellers list. Our advice is to trust your gut and go.   

A “What if” is a lot worst than an “If I”.

For more on how Hope went from tragedy to triumph check out her episode of Mind of a Mentor.

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