Low on Cash? Here Are 25 Side Jobs to Keep You Afloat

cash jobs to do on the side

Low on Cash? Here Are 25 Side Jobs to Keep You Afloat

I am the Queen of side hustles. Back in 2013, when I was working full-time as a news producer at the very bottom of the totem pole making peanuts, I had to get creative in bringing in additional revenue.

Exclusive footage of me barely making ends meet.

As rent prices began to soar and my car endured a few hiccups, I needed extra money. I asked my boss for a raise, fortunately, he gave me a slight pay increase, but it wasn’t enough. Soon I tapped into my creativity by learning the art of freelancing. Little did I know, I the freelance life would become my bread and butter within three years. Before I could find a groove that worked for my schedule and expertise, I canvassed Twitter and Facebook groups to discover how other creatives were expanding their cash flow. Every woman I met gave me the scoop on their money-making machines.  I entered the land of side hustles.

The word “hustle” can carry a negative connotation. Hustle is defined as “obtain by forceful action or persuasion.” For boss girls, hustling is a mentality, not a swindle. Securing side jobs to make extra money isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re resourceful and forward-thinking. You are proactive instead of reactive. Juggling multiple jobs and projects as a means to reach a goal is not only smart, it requires strength and determination.

Eventually, I put my skills to the test, using my spare time and hobbies to earn cash. You can too. Here’s a list of 25 side jobs to make extra money.

1.  Sign up for TaskRabbit

Get paid to help your neighbors with every day tasks like building furniture, yard work, or assembling furniture.

2. Nannying

Find out which of your friends or friends of friends need a date night out. Care.com is also a great site to find families. But come with references. Be honest, if you’re not good with kids, don’t go the childcare route.

3. Photography

We’re visual creatures and love aesthetics. Photos will never go out of style. People will pay large sums for quality photos. Put your skills to the test. Grab a DSLR and offer a photo shoot with your closest folks. Soon your portfolio and client list will expand. Bonus: Take it a step further and sell your photos. Platforms like ColorStock will pay for stock photography depicting people of color.

4. Become an Etsy seller

Are you the DIY Queen? Make a quick profit on your handmade projects. Set up a shop and you’ll soon see a demand for your crafts.

5. Run errands

Do what you can, when you can. When you have wiggle room in your schedule, consider helping out folks who are in a bind and can’t run their own errands. Sign up for Postmates or DoorDash.

6. Participate in medical tests

Earn extra cash by signing up for clinical trials. Be the first to test out a new treatment or prescription drugs on the market. If blood and needles aren’t your jam, keep scrolling.

7. Mystery shopping

8. Virtual Assistant

Sites like Upwork offer a number of short-term contracts from individuals and companies seeking assistance in carrying out virtual day-to-day duties. In some cases, you can set your own rates.

9. Consulting

Are your friends and close associates always calling you for advice in their ventures? If the answer is, yes, then that makes you a consultant. Consultants get paid. Charge for your opinion.

10.Get booked as a background actor

Being an extra on TV shows funded a large percentage of my 2016. For most shoots, you don’t need acting experience. A number of commercial, corporate, and film/TV shoots are happening right in your backyard seeking everyday people to fill background roles. The rates vary and you might get lucky by landing a featured rate. If you fit a specific type (hair color, height, ethnicity, etc.) for a shoot, all you need is a lot of patience and about 10-12 hours to spare. Quick money, but also hard work. Don’t believe me? Read this first-hand account from this boss girl who made a sustainable career in entertainment starting off as an extra.

11. Be a brand ambassador

A number of third-party companies need representatives present at day of events for major companies passing out flyers, handling crowds and giving out samples.

12. Give personal training a shot

Of course, this requires you to be in great shape, but above all, personal training is all about accountability. Working out isn’t the hard part, it’s finding the will to go. Get paid to be a motivator.

13. Try Ebates

Get rewarded for your shopping habit. Watch how much you spend because, well, otherwise you’re wasting time and money.

14. Give a city tour

You know your city like the back of your hand. Show off your favorite spots to visitors by signing up for sites like Tours by Locals designed for local tour guides.

15. Be a substitute teacher

Most teachers leave behind a lesson plan. Your job is to show up, babysit, and do some light facilitating. Each state has its own list of requirements.

16. Design websites

Know your way around WordPress? Find a small business or individual needing web services and build them a user-friendly site.

17. Manage social media platforms

Most companies contract individuals to update their social media accounts and build their online presence. Another opportunity to set your own rates

18. Start a YouTube channel

Got a notebook full of hilarious sketch ideas? Are you the next American Idol? Showcase your talent on YouTube and start generating revenue from ads.

19. House Sitting

Pick up important packages. Take the dogs out. Watch for fires. Homeowners will pay a decent amount for trustworthy folks to keep an eye on their home while away. You’re practically being paid for peace of mind.

20. Tutoring

Contact your friends that are educators and offer your tutoring services after school. From there, they’ll be able to connect you with parents and students needing help in certain subjects. Or, start tutoring with Wyzant.

21. Write an e-book

Are you a phenomenal storyteller? Get paid for your imagination. Shopify is an e-commerce site that provides support for housing your story including hundreds of templates and business tools to track your sales. As a matter of fact, it’s an extensive platform to get you started selling just about anything (legally).

22. Design and sell t-shirts

Teespring is a popular platform for print-on-demand t-shirts. What’s your mantra? Put it on a shirt and sell it.

23. Airbnb It

If you aren’t leery about strangers touching your things, rent out your additional space to travelers.

24. Sign up for a ride-share service

Again, if you aren’t leery about strangers touching your things, share your space consider driving for a few hours with Lyft.

25. Sell your expertise

Udemy is a space where others are willing to pay for your knowledge. Select a topic, build a course, and make your world a classroom.

Help us make this list longer. Name your list of side jobs to make extra money.

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