You Can Style Your Home for Success

I’ve long believed in the power of positive surroundings. I have friends come over to my apartment and say “I feel like I’m stepping into a Pinterest board!” Boy does that make me smile (and not just because I LOVE Pinspiration).

Because here’s my logic: what you see affects how you feel. And how you feel affects how you act and what you do. And that all determines what you accomplish! Am I crazy? YES, in a lot of ways! But not this one.

^^^A few snapshots of what I surround myself with^^^

So if you’re into the effect your space can have on your state of mind, then keep reading. If you want to live your best life, try styling your surroundings.

So let’s wade in nice and easy, shall we.


It feels good for a couple reasons:

  1. You start your day doing something productive and gets that productivity ball rolling.
  2. A made bed streamlines your space and gives it an instant facelift (even if your dress is still covered in jewelry like mine often is!) and makes you feel good just looking at it!
  3. Slipping under the sheets of made bed is the equivalent to me of staying at a luxury hotel. It just feels glamorous. It kind of feels like you’re treating yourself.

making the bedSo here’s what my bed looks like almost every morning. I’d be lying if I said I never miss a day (i.e. I snoozed 3 too many times the other morning and had to forgo my ritualistic bed-making to catch the bus to class!), but I can say the days I do miss, getting into the unmade bed to hit the hay just doesn’t feel as satisfying.

And get this. There’s a good deal of research, and articles, and what-not that supports making the bed in the morning!

now go forth and style your success!
xo, Lucy