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Magna, Spotify Study Underscores The Power of Podcast Hosts

A study released by Magna in partnership with Spotify indicates that podcast hosts have more influence with their audiences than previously thought.

Intimacy with the host is the #2 reason why listeners love podcasts, not far behind educational learning opportunities. Podcasts tailor to people with niche interests, and listeners are more likely to connect with people who share these unique passions. According to the Magna Spotify study, this creates strong connections among the community of podcast listeners, with the host themselves leading the pack.

This niche appeal also explains why the study found that podcast listeners rely more heavily on their online communities than TV show watchers. Not only were podcast listeners more passionate about the host, content, and community, they also trusted the advertising in podcasts more than TV advertising. Forty-three percent of respondents were open to receiving ads on podcasts as opposed to just 17% on TV shows.

“Podcasts offer brands a unique opportunity to reach consumers within an environment they feel passionately about,” the Magna Spotify study said. “Whether it’s the host or podcast itself, this passion leads to trust and receptivity that trumps that of TV shows.”

The Power of the Micro-Influencer

Furthermore, it has been shown that micro-influencers, qualified as those with 1k to 5k audience across all platforms, receive a 41% higher engagement rate than that of macro-influencers, qualified as those with 10k+ audience across platforms [source].

Micro-influencers, including podcast hosts, mirror the demographics, interests, and lifestyle patterns of their audiences, creating a deeper connection with them and a perfect environment for recommendations in the form of ads.

One respondent from the Magna Spotify study stated, “[I trusted the ad] because of the podcast hosts. They share my values.” Another said, “I trust the host of the podcast, so I know they would promote good products.”

This is why Ossa Collective focuses on fostering and amplifying the voices of women podcasters in this space, empowering them with the tools, connections, and resources to know their worth and properly monetize their shows. Less than 25% of the top ranking podcasts are hosted by women, yet the micro communities these podcasters create hold high value and substantial potential.

Magna and Spotify concluded that brands should “consider investing more in podcasts,” which they can do via Ossa Collective’s white glove podcast advertising services.

More Interesting Magna Spotify Study Takeaways:

  • Millennials and Gen X are the most likely audience listening to more podcasts during the pandemic
  • 72% of respondents say they have screen fatigue, 79% of them site digital audio listening as a tool to combat this fatigue
  • Co-listening is more common than you think 61% of respondents listen to digital audio with others
  • Re-listening to podcasts is just as common as rewatching TV shows
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