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Mind of a Mentor Episode 114: Amanda Evans, Founder of Mind Body Soul Miracles

On this week’s episode of Mind of a Mentor, we have Amanda Evans, founder of Mind Body Soul Miracles.

Mind Body Soul Miracles is a program that provides support to families on their healing journey. In addition to Mind Body Soul miracles, Amanda is a play therapist and intuitive energy healer as well.

As a former Kindergarten teacher, Amanda realized just how important it was for adults to learn how to feel safe, loved, accepted and connected in order to help children to do the same.

This experience, along with her personal journey recovering from a brain injury, gave Amanda insight into the extraordinary healing powers of play, love, and connection.

Through Mind Body Soul Miracles, Amanda works with children and families to help them take health and happiness into their own hands. She empowers parents and children to move away from past trauma or limiting narratives in order to embrace their own magic.

Listen to Amanda Evans’ story in her own words on Mind of a Mentor:


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