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Mind of a Mentor Episode #56: Andrea Seemayer, Founder & CEO of A.Lynn Designs

Andrea Seemayer is the founder and CEO of A.Lynn, a clothing line of luxury basics featuring a new system of custom sizing designed to fit 95% of all body types. A.Lynn produces super-soft tees, tops, dresses, and intimates for women (plus tees and tops for men) in sustainable fabrics engineered to feel like a second skin. A.Lynn sources all fabrics from Beechwood trees, Eucalyptus trees, and Cotton plants. The fibers are entirely CO2 neutral, allowing you to satisfy the highest environmental standards with your wardrobe and look great doing it.

After building a career in product development and production for major fashion designers like Zac Posen, Alice and Olivia, and Rebecca Taylor, Andrea Seemayer’s decision to launch a line of clothing focused on fit and fabric was a natural next step. She started working on A.Lynn in 2017, and her big-picture goal is to improve the lives of the 68% of women in the United States who feel that they are not a “normal” size in fashion and find it hard to shop off the rack. She also wants women to have the same versatility in waist, inseam, neck and sleeve length measurements that men have in the fashion world, while shifting the focus in the fashion industry from high-end, wear-once garments to the basic wardrobe pieces that people need to wear every day.

Through A. Lynn Designs, Andrea sends a message that unique is beautiful, and fashion can be inclusive. Her fashion line bridges the gap between size and height, creating simple and stylish silhouettes that can be worn for any occasion.

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