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Mind of a Mentor Episode #35: Angie Lee, Business and Life Coach

Episode #35 of Mind of a Mentor features a one-on-one conversation with Angie Lee, health coach turned business mentor, speaker, organic marketing expert, and serial entrepreneur. She has dedicated her career to helping other women gain “clients, confidence & cash flow” to take their dreams to the next level. She is a self-titled “marketing ninja.”

Angie Lee also produces and hosts her own Forbes Top Rated podcast called “The Angie Lee Show,” formerly named “Rich Bitch,” where she shares life hacks, marketing tips, personal stories, and more with her signature relatable nature and fun-loving humor. This business and lifestyle podcast has over 5 million downloads and counting.

On Instagram, Angie is a well-known health and wellness influencer. By sharing snippets of her everyday life on her Instagram stories, and inspirational content in her feed, she breeds a kick-ass community of women. Her magnetic personality has earned her a loyal following, and her community continues to grow everyday.

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