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Mind of a Mentor Episode #54: Anne Yurasek, Principal at Fio Partners

Anne Yurasek is a Principal of Fio Partners, a consulting firm specializing in the growth and organizational development of nonprofits, foundations, and government. Anne’s strength lies in her ability to listen to her clients’ needs. She is an excellent facilitator known for her training and presentation skills.

Anne’s main role in managing projects at Fio Partners is to gather information that supports evidence-based decision making. She leverages diverse strategies including informational interviews, surveys, and specialized research to collect key information; then presents the findings to her clients in an accessible format. By providing unwavering support during changes in an organization’s size, focus, or structure, Anne helps her clients adapt to new methods and strategies that will set them up for long-term success.

Anne has an MBA in Management from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Wellesley College. She is also a Trustee of Essex Savings Bank and the former Board Chair of Tri-Town Youth Services, a substance abuse prevention organization in Deep River, CT.

Listen to Anne’s story in her own words on Episode #54 of Mind of a Mentor.

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