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Mind of a Mentor, Episode #40: Bree Noble, Founder of Woman of Substance Radio

Bree Noble is an entrepreneur, musician, public speaker and creator of Women of Substance Radio, a 24/7 online radio station that plays the best music by quality label and indie female artists. Her Women of Substance Music Podcast hit number one in “New and Noteworthy” in all three of its listed categories on iTunes.

Impressively, Bree Noble also has a second podcast that hit number one in “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes named Female Entrepreneur Musician, which focuses on the business side of music. She drew on this music-meets-business expertise to develop the Female Musician Academy, a program that teaches business skills and tools to musicians of all levels. Her program helps each participant learn how to strategically market herself and make money off of her music, whether she is a hobby musician or a full-time performer. Musicians in the program gain a tremendous amount of support by being paired with a personal mentor and becoming part of this tight-knit network of female musicians. 

Before she began her current endeavors, Bree Noble worked as Director of Finance for a premiere opera company. Then, after staying home with her young children for a few years, she toured as a singer/songwriter, and was even invited to sing the national anthem at Dodger Stadium.

In her conversation with Like A Boss Girls Founder and CEO Marla Isackson, Bree Noble discusses her lifelong passion for music and how a career change made a major impact on her life. She also also explains how she was able to build a thriving brand by combining her love of music with a practical business background. Whether or not you’re a musician, you’ll find inspiration in Bree’s story.

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