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Mind of a Mentor Episode #125: Carly Puch, Host of Consciously Clueless

The latest episode of Mind of a Mentor features an interview with Carly Puch, host of the Consciously Clueless podcast. Her experience as a health and wellness coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher, activist, vegan, and sustainability enthusiast allows her to bring a uniquely holistic perspective to her podcast. She loves to learn from her guests as much as she loves teaching, and her show focuses on the idea that we can always do better as we navigate our path in the world trying to make a difference. 

With topics like plant-based living, social justice, meditation, environmental activism, and so much more, Carly connects the concepts of personal health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) with the overall wellness society and the planet. This intersectionality is a theme throughout her show and her life, and a topic that she explores with Marla Isackson on this episode of the Mind of a Mentor podcast. Listen here:

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Connect with Carly Puch here:

P.S. Carly was our Featured Podcaster of the Week a few months back! Find that feature here.


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