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Mind of a Mentor Episode #20: Cayla Craft, Founder of Mommy Millionaire

California native Cayla Craft transitioned from saving lives as a nurse in the ER to becoming a self-made millionaire. She is currently a multimillionaire marketer and business strategist. The self-made mom of three has dedicated her life to helping women pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and turn them into a profitable reality.

She created Mommy Millionaire, a community focused on empowering women with practical tips, advice, and motivation for business success. Cayla is also the author of “Mommy Millionaire Blueprint,” a free e-book with guidance for doubling your earning potential while still having time for family. Her other offerings include free online courses and a podcast that is updated 3 times per week for the most up-to-date entrepreneurial tactics.

Cayla Craft has struck the perfect balance between building a business and fostering a thriving family life. In this conversation, Cayla shares how she juggles parenthood with the rigorous demands of the business world, and tells us about her journey from the emergency room to the board room.

Tune in to episode #20 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast to hear Cayla Craft’s words of wisdom.

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