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Mind of a Mentor Episode #79: Crystal Etienne, Founder of Ruby Love

Crystal Etienne is Founder of femtech apparel company Ruby Love, a line of innovative, leak-proof period underwear and bathing suits. Ruby Love recently secured $15M in funding after an initial Series A of $8M — the fourth-largest round ever for a company founded by a black woman.

Of the $85B of venture funding generated in the U.S. last year, female founders represented just 2.2%, with only 0.2% going to companies led by black women [source]. Rather than feeling defeated by these statistics, Crystal ignored them — channeling her energy into her passion for designing apparel that would empower girls and women and help to destigmatize menstruation. By doing so, she was able to bootstrap Ruby Love (formerly PantyProp) with an initial investment of just $25,000 to bring in $10M in sales in less than 4 years.

With patented technology for comfortable and reliable period apparel, Crystal is expanding her product line into activewear and loungewear as she continues to scale her company. As a wife and mother of two, she says, “Just like the women who use my products, I will never stop doing, being, and going. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Ruby Love!”

Listen to Crystal Etienne’s story in her own words on episode #79 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast!

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