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Mind of a Mentor Episode #42: Dominique Mas, Founder of Lead With A Twist

Dominique Mas is a NYC-based coach for high achievers. She works with her clients to help them slow down, dig deep and reflect so they can perform at their highest level. (Don’t miss our previous feature of Dominique Mas on LABG here!)

Dominique spent 15 years in educational leadership in Europe, Asia and the United States, promoting the development of high-achieving teachers and students. She has an MA in Leadership and Change from the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Her experience, combined with her passion for helping others succeed, led Dominique to start her own private practice. She coaches high-achieving clients, as well as creates and facilitates workshops, for personal and professional growth.

In her own words, “Working one-on-one with clients gives me an incredible opportunity to propel them towards the life they dream of. I cannot describe the feeling I get when someone tells me they are not the same person they were when we first started working together. It is a privilege to have such insight into others’ lives and it is a gift I am grateful for each day.”

In her Mind of a Mentor episode with Like A Boss Girls CEO and founder Marla Isackson, Dominique Mas details the experiences that led her to the path she’s taken, as well as some important lessons she’s learned along the way. Her story serves as a wonderful inspiration for anyone looking for guidance, self-development, and overall success.

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