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Mind of a Mentor Episode #24: Nichole Sylvester, Spiritual Success Coach and Author

Nichole Sylvester is a globally renowned author, speaker, and life coach focused on spiritual awareness and awakening. With tools like retreats, private coaching, and exclusive, intimate online support groups, Nichole’s mission is to lead other women on the path to healing, wellness, and success.

Her best-selling book, “OH SHIFT: A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness,” details her personal transformation through trauma into a full, thriving life. She is also a contributor to major publications like The Huffington Post, and host of her podcast, “Harmonious Hustle: Real Talk On Radical Transformation, Inspiration, Money, Self-Love, Spirituality.”


Her own story is one of various types of addiction and abuse from childhood through adolescence and beyond. These toxic themes were present in her family life early on, and she carried them with her into personal relationships throughout her life.

But at age 28, Nichole had a moment where she experienced true unconditional love. This opened up the doorway to healing and radical transformation. Later, on a silent retreat in Joshua Tree National Park, Nichole was given the message, “help women and everything will be taken care of.” This powerful moment sparked her to begin her coaching service and help women through their own personal transformations.

Nichole now helps women find their way out of their destructive tendencies by going inward and exploring the inner depths of their true selves. She helps women find their purpose, what drives them, and where their subconscious conditioning turned them away from this purpose. Once women discover these elements of themselves, Nichole facilitates their personal transformation into a brand new, purposeful life.

Tune into episode #24 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast to hear Nichole’s journey in her own words, and learn more about her services.

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