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Mind of a Mentor Episode #26: Catie Fenn, Lawyer Turned Life Coach

Catie Fenn is a lawyer turned life coach who specializes in spirituality and meditation. Specifically, she helps women in the spiritual community create thriving, successful businesses out of their passions. She strives to facilitate these life-changing transformations using tools like retreats, online programs, women’s circle events, and more.

After building a life that society told her was “perfect” (boyfriend, job, condo — the works), Catie was surprised when she realized she felt entirely unfulfilled. She was under high pressure at work, felt stress at home, and certainly wasn’t “living the dream.” One day, she had what she refers to as a “spiritual smackdown” which helped her see the truth she was desperately trying to avoid — she wasn’t happy. She immediately turned her life around, and dedicated it to helping others get out of this unhealthy mindset.


Listen to episode #26 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast to hear the details of Catie’s incredible journey.

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