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Mind of a Mentor Episode #33: Jennifer Cullen, Director of Operations at Steereo

Episode #33 of Mind of a Mentor features Jennifer Cullen, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Steereo. (P.S. — don’t miss our Steereo Featured Artist Series to see who’s trending on the platform!)

Steereo is a brand new platform that promotes music from rising artists in rideshare vehicles like Uber and Lyft. This subscription-based service gives musicians the opportunity to reach new listeners and fans while lending rideshare drivers a chance to make supplementary income.

Jennifer Cullen is based in Dublin, Ireland. She first began to cultivate Steereo’s “streaming-on-wheels” concept while managing the music career of her brother, singer-songwriter Keith Cullen. After witnessing first-hand how expensive and challenging it was for rising artists to break into the music industry, she knew there had to be a creative solution. With that, the concept for Steereo began to take shape.

Today, Steereo is growing faster than ever after, closing a $1.5M round of fundraising that will help them scale their business. As Cullen told Forbes in June, “There’s no denying the future of music is technology-based, but it’s now about finding a balance between art and tech.” For Steereo’s Jennifer Cullen, it seems like that future looks bright!

Tune in to Mind of a Mentor episode #33 to hear Jennifer’s story in her own words.

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