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Mind of a Mentor Episode #59: Alexandra Harper, Founder of Women of Culture

Alexandra Harper is the founder of Women of Culture, a women’s social networking group that connects women who appreciate beauty, creativity and community. Women of Culture’s events exemplify NYC culture and operate with the goal of creating unique experiences that inspire attendees to learn, broaden their horizons and connect with a community.

While building a career in marketing and graphic design, Alexandra noticed a lack of connection to the arts and other women in her own life. It inspired her to start her own community of womenwho shared her passion for the arts, and Women of Culture was born. The group shares dinners, wine tasting events, and day trips along with exclusive access to shows and performances, and after-hours museum exhibits.

Alexandra is passionate about bringing women together through the arts as a way to help them feel supported and empowered to live out their full potential. Over the past three years, she has witnessed the ability of the arts to bring together people of diverse ages, races. socioeconomic classes, and professional backgrounds to discover new perspectivesand broaden their horizons as a community.

She is currently in the process of re-launching Women of Culture as “Artfull” in order to bring the power of the arts to a wider audience, including corporations and private group clients. Her goal is to transform Artfull into a movement: a catalyst for change both within our own lives and in society as a whole. It is a call to action to engage with and celebrate that which re-connects us to the essence of our human nature — the arts.

Hear Alexandra Harper’s story in her own words on episode #59 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast!

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