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Mind of a Mentor Episode #61: Robyn Sayles, Founder of Launching Your Success

Robyn Sayles is a personal branding expert and the founder of Launching Your Success. Through Launching Your Success, Robyn coaches entrepreneurs and runs workshops throughout the country, teaching methods for building brand identity that are personal, practical, profitable and fun.

Robyn’s unique presentation and leadership style combines her background in corporate training and sales with her improv performance experience. Robyn’s coaching curriculum is built on her belief that when people know their value, they perform better, and when people have fun, they learn better.

In 2018, Launching Your Success expanded its reach by developing a nationwide sales training program for a team of over 1,200 B2B sales professionals. No matter where her work takes her, Robyn plans to continue helping individuals and teams achieve big goals without sacrificing a belly laugh. Listen to Robyn on episode #61 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast!

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