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Mind of a Mentor Episode #62: Harper Spero, Business Coach & Consultant

Harper Spero is a business coach and consultant who specializes in working with individuals who want to live, work, and earn on their own terms. During the first decade of her career, Harper became well-versed in leveraging businesses through her work in marketing, PR, event production, and social media. She worked with major brands like Avon, Johnson & Johnson, and Disney, while new and rising career opportunities propelled her through eight jobs in ten years.

While running the social media team at a beauty PR firm in 2012, Harper found that suddenly, she couldn’t breathe. After months of testing, doctors, and medications, Harper learned that she could no longer ignore the rare immune deficiency she had been diagnosed with as a child. It had developed into a serious medical issue that would require major surgery and an entire lifestyle change.

“It was the darkest and scariest time in my life. I went on medical leave from my job for two months, returned, and recognized the importance of working a job that I was fulfilled by,” said Spero. “My current job wasn’t it. I decided to seek out a career coach — someone who could help me navigate a career transition and get clarity on what it was that I wanted to do. I had no idea what I wanted, I just knew I needed to get out of my current toxic work environment.

This experience led Harper to fully realize the importance of a fulfilling career. As a business coach and consultant, Harper draws on her own experience to help clients find a work-life balance, prioritize self-care, and discover entrepreneurial freedom. This year, she launched the podcast Made Visible to help people with invisible illnesses (and those who care for them) feel more seen and heard. Hear Harper Spero on episode #62 of our Mind of a Mentor podcast.

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