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Mind of a Mentor Episode #46: Estie Rand, Founder of Strand Consulting

Estie Rand is a business strategy and growth expert who build a six-figure business in two years without spending a dollar on advertising. She is the founder of Strand Consulting, a full-service consulting firm that helps business owners and entrepreneurs increase their profitability and productivity through low-cost strategic solutions.

Before Strand Consulting, Estie Rand was a successful CIO turned freelancer. Now, she is an international business owner with a completely virtual team. Her core mission is to help clients find that ever elusive work-life balance by giving them the tools they need to earn more without spreading themselves too thin. Estie is also a mother of five, working hard to dispel the myth that moms can’t be powerhouse businesswomen.

Along with her business endeavors and family life, Estie Rand also hosts the Business Breakthrough Podcast. Her show features candid conversations with successful business owners opening up about their current challenges and keys to success.

Estie Rand has had her share of personal and professional challenges as well, which she shares in her Mind of a Mentor episode. In her own words, “It’s not true that we succeed despite the challenges, but because of them. I can’t say I’m happy about what I’ve been through, but I can say that I am only as successful as I am because of them.”

Don’t miss Estie Rand’s inspiring story and priceless advice on episode #46 of Mind of a Mentor!

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