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Mind of a Mentor Episode #68: Ginny Naylor, Brand Manager at Babe Lash

Ginny Naylor is the go-to Brand Manager for Babe Lash, a revolutionary product for natural eyelash enhancement. She has logged close to 20 years as a beauty industry maven, working as a hairstylist, makeup artist, and wellness consultant in addition to holding long-term roles in executive sales and management.

After graduating from Brigham Young University with a dual degree in Latin American Studies and International Development, Ginny spent over four years living abroad. She is fueled by a lifelong passion for learning new languages and exploring different parts of the world.

To Ginny, true beauty is rooted in confidence, and her career is a celebration of creativity, personal expression and diversity. She also uses her work in the beauty industry to give back, serving on the Board of Directors for the Celestial Zoo Pet Rescue.

Tune in for Ginny’s story in her own words on episode #68 of Mind of a Mentor!

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