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Mind of a Mentor Episode 111: Gregg Clunis, Author & Host of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

On this week’s episode of Mind of a Mentor, we have Gregg Clunis, author and host of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.

Gregg Clunis is the host and creator of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, a personal development podcast that regularly ranks in the Top 20 Mental Health/Health shows on Apple Podcasts.

Gregg started his podcast five years ago out of his one-bedroom apartment in NYC as an exploration of the day-to-day behaviors that determine the progress we are able to make in our lives.

To date, Tiny Leaps, Big Changes has grown to nearly 600 episodes and has received about 15 million downloads across 100+ countries. Last year, Gregg published his first book, entitled “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Everyday Strategies to Accomplish More, Crush Your Goals, and Create the Life You Want.”

Gregg is passionate about helping people get out of their own way so they can create real change and build the life they’ve always wanted. He encourages his audience to incorporate simple strategies into their lives that will start moving the needle forward toward their biggest goals.

Links from this episode:
Tiny Leaps – Website // Gregg Clunis – Website // Apple Podcasts // Spotify // Book // Twitter

Listen to Gregg Clunis’ story in his own words on Mind of a Mentor:


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